Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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29. The end of the Night

Liam's pov.

The elevator moved down steadily, chiming when we reached a lower floor. There was Niall and Josh talking to each other on the events of Mrs. Grey while Zayn rocked a lanky, sleeping Leah. Harry was on his phone, eyes flitting nervously between the screen Leah and the floor number. Louis just sighed.

After a moment the elevator doors opened and everyone let out a collective sigh of relief. Niall grabbed the nags again and we all hurried out of the building with a thank you on my lips. Hailing a cab, we put Zayn and Leah with Harry in one and called another for me, Josh and Niall.

Josh sat in the front, giving the driver instruction to where he had his the monstrosity that was our tour bus. Niall leaned back his head, closing his eyes for a minute, then popped back up.

"Liam," he said urgently, "Leah leaned away from me."

"What? Do you mean in her room?"

"No like in the hallway. It was like a carrying her hug and then she tried to get down. Away from me." His eyes looked wide and shiny under city lights passing by.

"Oh, mate, I'm sure she didn't mean it. It was probably just her exhaustion."

No Liam it's different." He said with conviction. I didn't answer, just looked back at him hard. Niall was right; it was different now that she was older, smarter and taller. We couldn't keep treating her like the nine year old we were with all the time, through daily routines. We had been gone for a year.

After some driving Josh turned around. "So what happened Liam? Did you get her alright?"

In the rear view mirror I could see the cab drivers eyes widen in wonder. "Uh Josh, I don't know if that's so great to talk about right now?"

Louis casually nodded his head at the man in front.

"Err right sorry."

Getting out about 10 minutes later I left the cab driver an extra large tip. He was about to say something when I straightened up and slammed the door. Sorry man.

Louis unlocked the dark bus and stepped in, flicking on lights. I went along counting. My bed, Niall's bed, Louis's, Harry's, Zayn's, Josh's and.... The extra? It would become Leah's.

Me and Louis waited in silence on the couch slouched. Josh came in again, the lads behind him, and Niall making up the back, holding a very disgruntled Leah.

"Where is her bed?" He asked.

"Right that way," I pointed to the lowest bunk, curtains drawn.

He laid her down and she whispered a few words and he gave some back.

"Good night, love." He said standing up and looking down.

"Night Leah"'s were chorused around the bus as she slowly fell off to sleep. It reminded me of when we had watched her closely that first time in the store. Now we found her just as interesting asleep as we did awake. Funny.

The lads sat down at a table and joined us in silence. Eventually josh cracked and stood up.

"Well, I'm off."

"Wait stay," Louis spoke up, looking at us uncertainly. "You need to know about Leah."
And so started recollections of three months. I think at first we were going to give him the short hand version. But Josh was just as much apart of this as we all were now.

We broke off on so many tangents, it took until the early morning to finish, right up until the letter.

"So you came back?" He questioned, looking over our shoulder to the drawn curtains housing Leah.

"Not exactly," Zayn began, "we only came back yesterday."

Josh looked shocked. "Because her father died?" I nodded glumly.

"Right." Then the silence was back, just reviewing the situation. How unfortunate, how ridiculous were we for doing this to her.
And it was in this silence, I think I realized that I loved that little girl.

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