Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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25. Standing Alone

A week later

Leah's pov.

I rip the poster down from the wall. It rips Harry's face in half. I rip it horizontally now, causing the 1D logo to be it strands. I hate them so much. Liam's hair is longer. Its short now. Niall's face avoids being halved. He's smiling at the camera holing a guitar. His teeth are straighter now. Harry's hair takes up the right side of the page. Its curly like always. I found out he was afraid of straighteners from a teen magazine  I find all my information from magazines now, because they never called. Niall promised to, every other night at 7:30 sharp. Then he missed the first week. It was fine, I didn't sweat it. Then he missed the next as well. Zayn called once with Perrie on line but it was only for Adam, he wouldn't even speak to me, and that was only 3 weeks after they left. Apparently he going out with Perrie are going out. Its funny though, because I've met El and Dani, but not her. Then I realized I hadn't talked to them in a while. Niall's a liar. Zayn's a jerk. I used to trust him with anything, we talked in signs. Now all he does is sign the middle finger. I got that from Seventeen.

 Why do I even care? Its not like he did or the rest of them. They just needed to be stupid and party. And they just had to call my dad to get them out of trouble.

I remember that night.

I was watching a movie. The phone was ringing, I could tell because the phone was flashing. Caller I.D. said it was Niall's number. I rushed to answer it; I hadn't seen them or talked to them in forever.I didn't even think about the letter or the time. I answered the phone and said, "one minute, Leah speaking," I recited speaking into silence. I had rushed to get Dad.

"It's them!" I had yelled excitedly.

He look troubled, but accepted the phone anyway. Dad had frowned right away. He said "Where?"

"I can't be there for a few hours, stay together and do not do anything stupid. Bye Liam," he said tightly.

"What is it," I asked.

"The boys had a little too much to drink in some Irish pub in Boston."

"Boston? Like Revolutionary War?"

He gave a nod. "Listen," he spoke. I paid close attention to his lips. "I'm am going to fly to Boston. It will only take a few hours to get there and then a few hours back. Can you stay by yourself?" I bit my lip and nodded.

He smiled, "Good. Mrs. Grey will be downstairs knows to check on you. But Leah go to bed it's 12:30. we will finish the movie tomorrow."

He kissed my forehead and pulled back. "I love you, I'll be back." I smiled and said it back.

"Love ya dad." He grabbed his coat, phone and wallet and opened the door. He turned back and gave he the hand sign for I love you: the only sign he doesn't mess up. I go to bed, hoping he will be back when I woke up.

Well sure, I woke up that morning. My dad wasn't here. I didn't panic too much. Mrs.Grey was in the kitchen making breakfast. She smiled and said good morning. I felt relieved at her being here. I sat and I waited for my dad to walk through the door with the boys. I fidgeted. The phone rang/ blinked. 

Mrs. Grey got up to answer it. I couldn't she what she was saying as she was angled away from me. But I could see her shoulders slump down, I knew that meant bad news. I waited, tense. The boys weren't coming?

She sat back down teary eyed. She took my hand and told me, "Leah your father is dead. The plane he was in crashed going to Boston. I'm so sorry," gripping me tighter.

I had refused to believe it at first, I probably read her lips wrong. She said my dad is in bed, like in a hotel. 

I couldn't fool myself for long. I had a gut feeling, why I couldn't sleep well last night. I broke down then crying hysterically. I walked to my dads' room. I told ms grey i needed a moment. She shook her head yes and sat back at the kitchen table. I crawled into bed. Nothing was moving, mot even a breeze. I cried and cried. Daddy!

I laid down and breathed in the scent of him. I soon fell asleep on his bed. My dad was gone. He flew away, and he will never come back.


Now in my room I ripped another poster down. They didn't have to call him, they couldn't get a hotel?! I was so done with them, all of this was their fault.

An hour later.

I was lying in my room, staring up at me ceiling. My walls were bare from my previous tantrum.

I knew it was not there fault. I knew it deep down. But it felt so to be able to pin this on somebody, anyone.
Dad. Come back. I really thought that he was going to walk in with a new bands tee shirt then we would have lunch together.
But it was never going to like that again. Dad. Please be here.
I felt my eyes prickling, and i just stopped. There was no point in holding back. No one was left to hear me.
I cried in to my pillow. I just didn't want to feel this. I got under the covers, the crying was tiring. I just didn't know what to do. My dad was never going to come back. Today was the day to say good bye.
I did not want to say a few words. What i wanted to say was hi daddy, not bye dad. I wanted this woke wake to be over. I was tired of the arrangements.
This was like my moms. I hadn't thought of that in a while. Flower and meaningless people. The memories had been vague, but i remembered dad crying, when I was holding his hand. No one was here now.

People were milling around in the funeral hall. I sat near the snacks in the back. Farthest away from the box. I couldn't bear it. Someone tapped my shoulders. I didn't look up, if it was Mrs. Grey again, just leave me alone.

"I am fine," I said. I felt her walk away.
Suddenly people stopped walking aimlessly. I looked towards the door like everyone else.
Five guys walked in black suits with ties and each held a different bunch of flowers. I was sick of flowers at this point.
But they... They were them.
And then three girls behind them. I recognized two, I touched my ear rings sub-consciously.

No. I put my head down again. They made their way over to.... I slipped out the back emergency exit door. The funeral home had a little courtyard, with a garden and stone benches. I sat down, shut my eyes and leaned my back against the outside wall. Here I felt okay again. No one was asking me how I was feeling. No one telling me to eat something. Nobody feeling bad for me, that doesn't help. I want to cry. I can do it alone, no one watching. 

So I did, for awhile. That was until I felt some one tapping me insistently. I looked and it was Lou, and Liam, and Harry and Niall and Z. They were actually here. Lou smiled a small sad smile at me and of course I broke down again. It was a bit better thought. I was being rocked by Liam in his arms with everyone around me as I let it all go. Matbe the pain would just wash out.

They hadn't forgotten. Now they never could. 


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