Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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17. So Get out, Get out, Get out

Liam's pov.

"Bye Adam, bye Leah!" I shouted through security. Leah was bawling but looked livid too.

She had allowed Dani and El to kiss her on the cheek, and me and Harry to hug her. But when Zayn tried to, she stepped back, signing, "I told you everything. You couldn't tell me this one thing?! good. bye."

Louis had tried the same thing she allowed him to pat her head and back awkwardly. As for Niall, she went up to him and hugged him so tightly he was about to pop.

"I'll miss you," she cried, icily glancing over Louis and Zayn. Ooh burn. We waved one more time and El and Dani blew her a kiss. When we were taking off, I could see a little girl waving through the glass wall of the airport.

We all settled into a comfortable position for the 6 hour flight to England. Home.

Leah had taken the fact that we were leaving... okay. We told her yesterday night, when we came in to say good night. She had sat up and gasped then ran to yell at Louis.

"Why would not you tell me? Good. Night." and with that she flipped off her own light with out another word to either him or Zayn until this morning.

Dani fell asleep on my shoulder. And still it was good to be going home.

No ones pov.

For two weeks, the boys had a great time back in London where they were recognized more frequently. Their new song What Makes You Beautiful was a hit.

Mean while, across the ocean, there was a girl in New York, missing her favorite people, besides her dad. They made her feel awesome for being deaf. They had even learned sign language.

But no, they had waited until the last minute to tell her. Zayn, who knew her deepest secrets and Louis who she was probably closest to out of all the boys, never told her a thing.

Not having said a proper goodbye, all of the band felt the pinch of ostracizing Leah like that.

It was a long, heavy two weeks


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