Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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12. Snow in September

Niall’s pov.

A few days later...

Me and Liam were thrown into party planning like never before. If I do say, I was rather good at it.  I booked Dani and El’s flight first, after they immediately agreed. Adam had been very accepting and opened his home for them as well.
Liam was running errands like grabbing cupcakes and such. He discreetly asked what Leah wanted, and we build up gifts in a closet in Liam’s room.
The guest list was as followed: me and the lads, Adam obviously, some lady called Mrs.Gray, and Dani and El. It was going to be a great party.
But I did however want to take Leah out with me alone and it was one of  our relatively free Saturdays, with only a radio introduction at 6:30 pm. So I had a while to kill.
I looked over to Leah in the living room, just sitting there. I miss the moments where she when she does not dance for us, and twirled to silent music. It always reminded me of ice skating.
That's it! I have a few hours to kill and Rockefeller Plaza has just open for winter!  
I walked over to her. Leah looked up and asks what with her questioning eyes.
"Hey do you want to go ice skating?"  
She pondered the idea for a moment before getting up and running to her room, returning with a pair of ice skates, slightly beaten up.
I of course didn't bring my own, so we walked to the plaza, bundled up, (I didn't want Lele sick).
I rented skates and me and Lee attempted our first lap around. I was pretty smooth, but Leah hadn't been skating in a while. So I held her arm as she tried to gain her balance. Soon she was attempting turns, and she looked so proud of herself when she did without falling on her already very wet bum.
Late afternoon, Leah was very tired from all the skating and started to fall asleep while still in skates! I let her lay down on a bench with her head in my lap.
And then it started to snow. Big white flakes started to fall, and even though  it wasn't cold, the snow felt right. I woke her up by poking her lightly with every word. “Leah, Lee! Wake up, look!”
She opened her eyes and smiled wide as she saw the cold stuff in my hair and hers. She jumped up, put her head back and stuck out her tongue catching snowflakes. she started to spin and dance just like before, all while laughing at the sky. What a great idea. I joined her and got a few weird looks but basically, I had achieved what I wanted: to have a great day with Leah.
I could tells she was getting tired on the walk back, so I slung her miniscule skates over my shoulder, and picked her up and held her like a baby. She was so warm tucked into my chest. Soft too. Perfectly heavenly with her hair covered in wisps of snow, and had her eye lashes fluttering.
We (well, I) walked in at around 5, to see it already start to become dark. I laid her on the couch, and stuck her skates by her bedroom door.

Zayn’s pov
I slept through most of day, occasionally getting up, to get another glass of water. I got up around 5- ish I think, in the afternoon. Refilling my glass, I glanced out of the window above the sink. I could see the people skating down below. I spotted Niall walking slowly towards the building. With...?
Leah? She was sleeping, turned towards Niall’s chest and he was softly rocking her he walked.
Aww! It was so cute, to see her curled up so vulnerable. I heard Niall walk through the front door and set her on the couch gently.
“Hey,” I whispered, all though I didn’t know why, for she could not hear me; it just seemed appropriate.
He jumped a little, and replied. “We went ice skating. Leah got tired,” he explained breathlessly, exhausted from the cold.
“I can see that,” I laughed quietly.
We sat at the table for a little while, just talking. Leah made a noise in the other room. Niall looked over his shoulder, and sighed.
“What?” I  asked.
“Oh, nothing, mate. Just thinking about leaving. What will she do without us?!” His voice questioned dramatically at the end.
I chuckled. “We will talk to her all the time, through Skype. She’ll be fine, just like she was before we were here.”
“I know, but who will walk her to school every morning?” he asked, mostly to himself, as he watched it snow.
I just sighed right along with him and stared at the girl behind Niall. 

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