Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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28. Sneak you out

~A/N: Here we have a long a waited chapter. But it's a disappointment  It is really just a filler, and I'm not really happy on how any of my drafts came out, and that's part of the reason that it took so long for me to publish this. I think the next chapter will be somewhat more exciting at least, with introducing Leah formally to Josh and Lou, along with avoiding Management.Well that's all, thanks for reading! :) ~

Harry's pov.

I had the mission impossible theme song playing in my head. I was jogging up 30 flights of stairs to it, making quite a good pace. I opened the 30th floor landing door and walked out into the brightly lit hallway. There was only three giant apartments on this floor and Leah was in one of them. I ducked back into the stairs and waited.

Liam came next, breathing a bit heavier and clutching a key, with a tag on it. Ah Leah's apartment key
"Liam, key." He dropped it in my hand.

"Its like on donkey-"

"Hush up Liam," Louis snapped from behind us. He walked up the hallway with Niall scrambling behind him. I took roll call quickly...." Where's Zayn and Josh?" I said frustrated.

They were supposed to guard Mrs. Grey's door then come to us after we got the spare key to the apartment. Niall just pursed his lips and looked around, he could care less; he just wanted Leah.

"Whatever," I muttered and pushed by Louis to one of three doors on the floor. Pushing the key into the lock with probably more force than was needed, we stumbled into the living room. Liam beckoned for the key back and I tossed it back to him, keys jangling in the air.

"I'll just go give these back-"

I clapped my hand over his mouth after rushing over to him. When I threw the keys, there had been a slight movement from the couch. Oh my God there was a person on it. How had that slipped our notice?! Niall tiptoed over to the bundle of blankets and prodded it gently.

"Niall, stop!" Hissed Liam.

"I think... I think its that Grey lady." He said, coming back over us. We all stood there, just past the door way. Well this was unexpected.

"Ahh, oh well," Louis said cheerfully breaking our stillness, marching right towards the hallway with Leah's room attached. Niall darted after him acting like a ninja. He tripped twice. Honestly they think I'm the most immature young one. I walked behind them cautiously.

"Liam could you-?"

"Already on it." He said sitting down slowly, opposite Mrs. Grey, watching her.

"Thanks." I said leaving the room. Leah's room was the last room down on the right. Her door was open slightly and I pushed it open more, expecting Lou to already have her up. Instead I found them looking at her still dreaming.

"Niall...?" I said apprehensively. He couldn't back out on his own plan now.

"I dunno how to do it," he whispered.

"What? Just shake her a little."

"Don't you think that's a bit rude?" Louis spoke up. Really?

"No," I said harshly, "you never seemed to mind before for school."

"Yeah but, that was a year ago. She's changed, it's all-"

"Different now." Niall spoke up. I just gaped at them. I walked over to Leah's bed and sat on the end. I rubbed her shoulder a few times before running a hand through her hair. Her eyes fluttered open and widened. "Shh, Lee, it's just me."

She sat up, gathering the sheet around her. "I don't have pants on," she said faintly.

"C'mon we are- wait what?" Niall chuckled softly. "Harry come here." I got up and walked towards him where Lou was in a fit of silent laughter as well.


"Mate, she has no sleeping pants on."

"Okay, and? I sleep in only boxers all the time." And less.

"Well, she's eleven Harry," Louis said slowly sounding it out for me, "and you're an 18 year old lad who just burst into her bedroom and woke her up. She's a tad uncomfortable." He pointed  to the bed. I turned around to a scowling yet mortified Leah.

"Yeah, I know..." I trailed off. It wasn't weird really; I had sisters, and had seen them in underwear, Leah wasn't any different now.

Niall elbowed me. "I recommend you stop staring."

"Right." I turned back around, shutting my eyes tightly, hearing  Louis say, "Leah we are going to turn around now, so um get pants on."

I heard the rusling and her small feet pounding on the floor, dashing to get ready before, heaven forbid, any of  us saw her. I smiled a bit at this: it's a good thing she didn't know what one night stands were.

She tapped my elbow, and I spun around. "What are you doing here?"

"Doing what we said, adopting you." Liams deep voice entered the room and Leah was already looking at him from over my shoulder.

Zayn's pov.

After we all rashly decided that we would collect Leah tonight, we figured out who we had to tell. The girls already knew, so that doesn't include Paul or management, leaving us with Josh, or the very masculine Joshey Boy, I call him and Lou, our stylist.

We were only telling Lou because we figured that she would accept it; she was a mom who had Lux so what was so different with our bond with Leah? You know besides... All of it. I just hoped this would all work out.

As for Josh, he was like best mates with us, especially Niall, so we couldn't just hide Leah all the time when he hung out.

We were just patrolling the hallway telling jokes around the echoing space. I suppose we should have been a little quieter.

"Yo, Zayn -" Josh shouted about 3 meters away.

"Wait man , shh." I leaned toward the back staircase door and heard pounding steps coming down. It must be them. The plan had worked.

Josh heard it too, and as the parade came closer he edged forward towards me. The door opened and I jumped back as Liam came through first with a suitcase in hand rushing towards the elevator. Harry came out next with a hand stretched back, his fingertips just touching Leah's.

Leah looked tired, her hair awry. She looked a little dazed as she bit her lip and looked behind her. Louis and Niall slipped past the door last running towards the elevator that Liam was holding open.

Niall scooped Leah up when he decided she wasn't running fast enough down the hallway. She looked shocked then frowned and leaned as far as she could away from him.

We all piled into the elevator and waited uncomfortably as we went down.

"What happened?" I asked bewildered.

"It seems Mrs.. Grey had a little sleep over," Liam said out of breath, placing Leah's (I'm assuming) suitcase down.

"And she woke up," Niall gritted his teeth. He sat Leah down when she pinched his arm.

"Oh. She wasn't in her flat?" Josh said, calm.

"No." Harry said simply.

"I should've known," I said, "after she didn't wake up, when you were yelling."

Louis was holding Leah's hand, as she leaned against him, half asleep. He knelt down to he level.
"Lee? Can you walk?"

She spoke in that garbled sleep speech that no one understands.

"I'll take her," I spoke up. Lou helped Leah stumble over to me and I picked her up and cradled her, her long legs dangling low off my arms. She was almost in a sitting position but was leaned against me.  Leah was just so tired now that all the excitement was over.

Josh spoke again, more serious. "Wait, so that lady we were watching for was actually with Leah and then she caught you?"

"Almost," added Niall. "Liam came in to warn us so me and Harry shoved a bunch of clothes in a bag while Louis helped her out of bed. Hell of a lot of work," he grinned at the bizarre task they had just accomplished.

Really it was amazing. We would be going down the rest of the East Coast to do a few more shows then we would be done. Leah could live with us and...

Well I don't think any of us knew what were going to do really. All we knew then was that we had to leave before Mrs. Grey caught up with us. We had gotten the girl in my arms out of trouble, just on time. Because really what we were all doing was riding the roller coaster that is life.  :) xx

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