Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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6. School every morning

Harry's pov
So I, being the responsible one for once ask Adam about what we are going to do tomorrow, as far as actual work goes. We are sitting at the kitchen table discussing, as Liam and Zayn murmur a Twitcam in the living room. Niall's already gone to bed or so he says; he is probably just playing guitar.
    Boom, boom, boom! Lou is running down the hall after Leah, who is just turning spirals down the hallway. They’ve had a great time the past few hours, after “ boring adult time” as Leah calls it. I think their playing tag. I fight to keep my mouth from smiling, as I try very hard to have a mature conversation. (Don’t bother trying it, it is no fun) Leah comes tiptoeing like shes in the ballet through the kitchen without Lou behind her. She stops short because she can no longer feel the vibrations of his feet behind her. She skids into the table.
Leah lets out a short hiss, and her eyes begin to water. All I want is to scoop her into my arms and tell her I won't let anything hurt her ever again. She was laughing her head off a minute ago. It was ridiculous I know but... her innocence and small stature makes you want to protect her, even after just a day. A very long one.

Adam lifts her onto his knees and slightly rocks her, until she is okay again. “Your fine Leah, just a scratch. go ahead, I think Lou’s in the hallway” She jumps up again so full of child- like energy and all I hear is a bang. Lou has been caught by a 9 year old yet again.

Liam’s pov
I was so tired. I figured it would be a early night. Up bright and early for Monday right? Besides Leah was going to school tomorrow. We decided we’d go just for fun.
When we went shopping it was the best sight. Leah, talking in sign language back and forth to some lady. Adam said she was a teacher at Lee’s school .They were speaking, all in their own way. Me and Zayn had laughed watching her face burrow in frustration, and light up in happiness, as she talked with no words.
Niall had turned to us. “See, this the best reason to give you. If we sign she will be so free.” He spoke with conviction, after Zayn had made his case.
We had watched for a moment more. It must have looked weird. Five teenage guys all are standing in a row, watching this nine year old. In a grocery store. Leah, after a while, noticed too. She glanced over. She signed goodbye and skipped over to us. We smiled.

The next morning**
    Oh, my god the sun was not even up yet. Why had we planned this?! The sky was a light purple, foreshadowing the impending Monday morning. I grabbed my iPhone and shut the alarm off and ran my fingers through my hair. Ugh, I needed to get it cut. I shook myself awake and hauled my butt out of bed. Flipping the light on, I whispered, “Harry time to get up, Lou, it’s morning.” I narrowly missed a pillow whizzing by my head, as Lou cried, “5 more minutes, please, Lili?” Deciding not to answer, I got on a t shirt and went to wake Niall and Zayn up from their dreams.
“Zayn” I poked, “get up.” He groaned but sat up at least.
For Niall, he would be bit harder to wake. So, I opted for kicking his mattress. Because I’m classy like that. “Get your butt up, now Niall.”

Niall’s pov
What the hell, Liam? Urgg. It’s like… I looked at the clock. 6:30 in the morning?! Why is he waking every one the f*** up?! “Nialler, Z?” I hear Leah’s voice floating from the doorway. I sit straight up. Monday is a school day? Wow I’d forgotten. Lee’s all dressed with her lunch box and backpack ready. My stomach grumbled. Zayn laughs, “He will be up in a moment, Leah. Just give him a second.”
“Ok, but dad says you need to be ready in 5 minutes,” as she runs out.
Zayn’s already dressed. Lou and Harry stand behind Leah near the door with beanies to cover their bed head. This motivated me to get up; if they leave I won’t be able to say good bye. I sigh. And roll up to my clothes Liam so responsibly put out for me. Groan.

We are waiting in the kitchen and I’m dying of hunger. Harry notices me rocking towards the snacks we bought yesterday.

“No Niall, we are stopping on the way. I promised Leah I would buy her a bagel.” Wait, stop. Like park and go eat? “Harry,” I said slowly, “that doesn’t make sense. If we are driving… where will we park?”
“Niall you idiot mate, we’re walking,” Lou slides in before Harry can answer. What, since when did we decide this? Then I realize everyone is out the door, I puff to catch up. I am really starving.

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