Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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8. Running over thoughts that make my feet hurt

Zayn's Pov.
“Leah no!” That’s Harry’s panicked voice, I can tell. I look up to where its coming from… there’s too many people. Lou and Liam are frozen, craning their necks trying to see. Why are they waiting?! I push them and other people out of my way trying to get to the corner. “Watch it man! What the hell?” Is all I hear in my wake. Oh my god did she get grabbed, or hit by a car? No, I squeeze my eyes shut.
I told them to be careful. She’s deaf, she can’t hear things approaching like we can. She’s small, easily movable when the time would be right. I told them not to let her walk ahead. She’s nine, and sometimes such an airhead. I smile for a briefest second, re-watching her dance into the kitchen table last night from the living room.
The corner stops short under my feet. Harry is panicking besides me. I look towards the side street. Niall’s got Leah in his arms lying to one side of the road. “I got her…I got her…” is all he is managing to choke out. “Yeah I got you…we are fine,” he coos softly to her though she can not hear it.
Leah just looks shocked, like she has no idea what just happened. Lou and Liam come running up behind me. “What happened, Harry?” Liam is demanding.
I hear Harry stutter through a shaky response.
I meanwhile walk up to Niall. Leah’s got her whole body packed into Niall’s chest as he stands up.
“What did you do, Niall?” I’m screaming. “Why is she on the street? I told you not to run through the streets like that. Why are you running through cars!?”
“Zayn, listen she’s fine… it was just sudden.” Niall excuses. Perfectly calm. He taps Leah on the back of the head. “You ok, Lee?” She smiles dazed and climbs out of his hug. “Yeah I’m fine, I guess, just wow.”
Harry, Liam and Lou, come across the street. I’m berating Niall with accusing questions while Liam is walking stiffly by Harry’s side who has his head drooping low. What just happened?

Harry's pov
Leah.. Lee.... huh you are alright. Niall's there.
After the incident Leah, a little shaken, ran to Louis and held his hand and walked at a fast pace to get to school. she seemed fine, I guess. But would she have, had she heard the high pitched wail of the trucks brakes? Zayn's anguished yell? Niall's accelerated heartbeat, from adrenaline? I was falling behind the group. Zayn and Niall walked ahead: Zayn was absolutely pissed at Niall, I could hear them from back here. Its good thing Lele couldn’t hear it. Liam was yelling at me from ahead. I couldn’t be bothered with him now, couldn’t he see I was already crushed? Louis seemed like the only calm one as he walked with Leah to her school gate, where they were greeted by a teacher.
Louis waved bye, as Leah ran away waving back behind her. Liam, Zayn and Niall all said bye halfheartedly. I just watched her go and turned around. The rest of the boys quickly walked up to me and we walked in silence back towards Adam's apartment.
Something, I don't whether good or bad happened on the way back to Adam's house. A girl in a beanie with dipped dyed hair ran up to me, (as I was was walking ahead of everyone again), she gushes loudly. "Omg are you Harry Styles?! I used to watch you online episodes of X Factor! You were so so good, is the rest of One Direction here?" She looked keenly behind me as if they just pop up behind me, as I winced at her loud voice being such a contrast to my silent thoughts.
"Uhh, yeah, hi darling. What's up?" She squealed some more as the boys approached us. "Hello," Liam said. Niall stuck his hand out and said an introduction of some sort. Zayn winked and said "Vas happenin'?" as usual and Louis kinda rocked on his heels and said a polite good morning.
“- just so awesome! will you sign this please?!?”

"Uh sure," Liam said taking the awkward silence in stride. We signed her phone case, I think. I don't even know, or care really.
We said awkward goodbyes and walked through the city. The boys were really excited to recognize randomly in America. I was pretty shocked as well but, what happened with Lee just wasn't that easy to push to the back of my mind.

Niall's pov
    Soon we were back at Adam's at about 7:30. It was so early, and yet so much had happened. The girl was kind of annoying, to say the least, but oddly enough she reminded all of us why we are here.
“Adam, we are home,” Liam called through the flat. Adam was dressed and cleaned up for work, as were we.
“Oh, hey. Are you ready for your logo design, that we didn't get to yesterday?” he said smiling at everyone.
Uhh....ummm”was all I heard. “Yeah, sure, but can I talk to you first?” I said. He gave the key to Harry and said, “ The practice studio is in the basement, 3rd door to your right. Boot up the computer in there.” and then to me, “Niall, sit, you look terrified. What is it?”
I took a deep breath and began.
“So you know, we walked Leah to school this morning.”
“Go on”
"Yeah. So we were walking, and I, being stupid took her bagel. We stopped for breakfast. So I took it and Leah started to chase me. The sidewalks weren't too full yet but they were still pretty busy. Harry was chasing Leah with Lou, Liam and Zayn behind us.” I paused, knowing i was telling this way out of order.
"And?” Adam said, "what did she fall and scrape her knee?”
"No not... not exactly. Leah was good and looked both ways before crossing the street and such, but a truck came out a small street." I shut eyes re imagining it.
“What Niall?" Adam looked tense.
"Leah didn't hear it coming. The truck tried to stop, but there wasn't enough time for it to decelerate." I paused for a moment more, trying to figure out how to word this. I really wanted to be like,  “I saved her,” but I knew that wouldn’t do.
“I grabbed her and we rolled to the other side the road, just out the path of the truck.”
Adam let out a low whistle, and smiled tightly at me. "Thank you so much Niall, for telling me. C’mon we had better go down stairs. Don't worry,"  he says to me seeing the lingering look on my face, “I will talk to Leah later.”

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