Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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4. Maybe this is a mistake

Louis pov
Leah. She was so cute. All I wanted to do was play with her and hug her. I walked over to her room.
She was sitting with some dolls across the room. I tapped her.
Shoulder, she jumped a little then relaxed.
"Lou!" She yelled smiling bright.
“Leah!” I hugged her . “Do you want to play?” She asked then looked up at my face. Why not? "Sure Leah." This girl had me. We played for a while, almost silently. Then Leah got wicked mad and threw the dolls down. She looked up with tears in her eyes. “What’s wrong?!”
And then her hands started to move so fast I was afraid she was going to slap herself. I grabbed her wrists and put them down by her sides. " What?" I tried again.
She took a great deep breath and explained. “The dolls don’t... They can't... I can't talk to them.” It hit me then. The dolls hands couldn't make the sign language back to Leah as she talked to them. My heart broke. I see why Niall was right now. I smiled back at Leah. " We know you are deaf,” I said kindly.
She looked sad but offered no insight. I shook her arm a little so she would look at me. “Are you sad because you are deaf?”
Leah looked defiant now. “No!” she yelled. “I’m sad because I can’t speak as fast or as completely as I would like too. At school I sign all I want but at home... Daddy tries but he gets words wrong....” She trailed off.
“One minute, I will be right back,” I reassured her.
I walked to Niall’s room where the boys were still talking. “Guys get up, come to Leah’s room with me.”
“Why?” Complained Harry.
I quickly told them what Leah had told me. Niall and Zayn got up immediately then Harry and Liam.
I walked back into her room, she seemed to be over her minor frustration. She waved at all of them and hugged Niall.

Niall's pov
We walked in and she waves to the boys and hugged me. I patted her small back awkwardly. We sat in tea party chairs and had a little chat. The boys looked at me to start the conversation. I cleared my throat, then remembered Leah couldn’t hear me. Thank God she was already looking at me. I spoke.
"So um Leah we wanted to learn sign language to speak better with you. We aren’t going anywhere for a few months and thought it would be better for all of us. Will you teach us? Pretty please?”
She looked thoughtful and looked down. When she lifted her head, she was smiling devilishly. “Only if you teach me guitar.”
I laughed, “Of course. Goodnight Leah.” I said, not even of thinking about the fact she couldn’t hear.
“Night!” The rest of the boys said.
“Good night.” She said back. I shut the door.

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