Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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13. I don’t wanna wait any longer

Harry’s pov
Party time! I wake up early, to see the boys already up as well. There is a comfortable silence, as we do morning routines. Today of course is Lele's 10th birthday, and we have to make it perfect.
I tiptoe into Leah’s room to make sure she is still sleeping, as Liam leaves a note for Adam, where Leah cannot reach it, just in case.
We whisk out of the apartment and grab the van. Liam's driving and the rest of us find seats.
Lou is staying behind and will take Leah out when she wakes up. We are going to set up a giant surprise party, and Louis is to bring Leah back.
Liam drops us off in Times Square, and hands Zayn a map.

“Harry, Zayn, go get streamers, and balloons. There is plenty of places to get them,-”
He's cut off by Niall sliding the van door shut and signing 'have fun' out the back window. It's actually Leah's favorite sign for any an occasion right now.
Tool.  Zayn picks up the map and begins to turn it sideways, finding out where we will go first. “There's a party place up there,” he nods his head  in a general direction unsure. Off we go.

Louis’s pov
I was so, bored just waiting for Leah to wake up.
Speak of the devil!  "Look who finally woke up, sleepyhead," I sign as Lee stumbles sleepily into the room. She sticks her tongue out and collapses on the couch next to me.
"Happy birthday!" I lift my flat right hand up my chest then tap my chin and heart, while yelling it loudly.
Leah claps loudly. "You got it right," she yells. "Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me!" She starts to dance around, not caring that she just woke up.

She stops suddenly like an unpleasant thought hit her. "Where is Nialler, and Z, and Hazza and Lili?" she pouts.
I scratched my head. “Uh, they went out. I guess they forgot.”
Her face fell fast and she walked into the kitchen, making herself breakfast. I felt so bad about lying to her, she probably thought the boys didn't care. I got an idea.
“Hey Lee, go get dressed. We are going out for breakfast!”
"Really?!" Her face pulled up a bit but not nearly where I wanted it.
"Yup, now go go!" She starts to race down the hall.

Liam’s pov

So this far everything was right on check.  Zayn and Harry were picking up cupcakes and decoration and would meet us back at the flat with the Girls, while Lele and Louis had a great time in the city. At first Lou was a little crestfallen that he couldn't see Eleanor right away, but playing with Leah almost made up for it.

Me and Niall drove in silence to J.F.K. airport,. "What deja vu I'm feeling." Niall muttered. I laughed, "I know." We walked to the gate and watched the passengers unload. And finally...

"Eleanor! Danielle!" I waved my arms and she ran in to me smiling wide.

"Liam!" she whispered in to my ear. I pulled pack and kissed her on lips. Then her hair and the tip of her nose. "I missed you," I said putting my arm around her waist leading her to baggage claim.

I could hear El and Niall making conversation  behind us. "Where's Louis?" I hear El ask.

"Oh," Niall's cheeky voice answers, "he's out with a girl." He's straining not to laugh.

Niall, we said we weren't going to do that to her! It was just mean to El! And Lou! I clench my jaw, but let Niall handle himself. I will jump in if needed.

"What?" I can hear Eleanor's voice falter.

"Oh yeah. This girl Leah and him have gotten really close over the past month." Niall's really pushing it.

Dani nudges me in the side. "Is he serious? All El was talking about was seeing Lou... and now...."

"No, it's okay, Leah's nine, Lou is just babysitting. I have no idea why Niall's doing this though," I said frowning.

Dani visibly relaxed a little and started walking again.  I turn around and do the karate chop into my hand, signing 'stop,' to Niall. Leah uses that one a lot when she is playing with Lou.

Niall looks guilty: Dani and El just looked confused. "What was...?" Dani starts.

"Listen I'll explain later." she nods and I ask her about her trip.

Niall's saying around the same thing to Eleanor. "Listen, I'm just kidding, you'll get it in a few hours. Lou really wants to see you." He smiles encouragingly and apologetically at the same time.

An hour later.

The house looked great. Zayn and Harry had picked out orange and pink streamers and a banner saying Happy Birthday. They got vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting and 10 of them have one candle on them.

We quickly got to work putting it all up, and blowing up balloons. I swear Dani and Zayn almost fainted.

Adam walked upstairs with an elderly women, who must be Mrs. Grey.

"Wow, you guys, this look fantastic! I really appreciate this. I've been really busy lately, and honestly not the best father and I know you guys have really stepped up and-"

I patted him on the back. "Adam stop it. Your a great father. That's why Leah is so happy and smart. Know that. And we have no problem looking after her, we've got nothing else to do anyway!"

He smiled at me gratefully, then cleared his throat. "This boys, and girls, I guess," waving to El and Dani, "is Mrs. Grey. She lives a floor down and used to babysit Leah, when I didn't work at home."

We all said polite hellos, and Dani offered to make her tea, and El went along to the kitchen too. The boys, Adam and I put the finishing touchs on everything and put the food out.

I called Louis. "Be there in a minute," he said swiftly, ending the call.

We could all hear them coming up the stairs, Leah shrieking and banging into the banister. Everyone hid, and Dani crouched besides me, squeezing my hand.

The doorknob jiggled.

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