Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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30. Figure it out

Niall's pov.
I didn't like traveling on the road, on the bus; I'd rather fly. So when I woke up late that morning, tired (I dont think we went to bed until three) imagine how surprised I was when a high pitched scream hit my ears. At first I thought fans, and then I realized we weren't moving. I sat up, glancing around me. None of the other lads had woken up. I jumped down and found Leah laying on the couch staring at, from my view a shirtless Josh turned towards her.
"No no no! Shhh!" He waved his arms around in the air. "I'm not going to hurt you. Remember me, from last night." I walked over to him he turned around panicked.
"I just woke up...I was hungry... I didn't know she would be out here....Niall..." He started, panicked. I just laughed and walked over to a just as startled Leah. For the first time since we got back she leaned into me. I brushed my hand over her head soothingly. I tapped her back twice.
"Leah, babe?" She tugged me down to the couch. Her forehead was indented and she was just signing 'who, who, who' over and over again.
"Ahh, love this is Josh." He edged his way over to me and sat across from us at the table.
"Err... Hi. I'm Josh." He introduced himself awkwardly, obviously tiptoeing around Lee's deafness. With Leah's head pressed into my side I talked to Josh freely over her head.
"She can read lips, just talk." He nodded.
"Yeah so hi. I am One Direction's concert drummer." I chuckled at that: Leah never saw us as One Direction.
Leah nodded her understanding.
"Hey Josh. I'm Leah, eleven. Why do you not have a shirt on?"
He laughed. "We don't have a lot of girls traveling with us, me and the lads go -" I shook my head. "Shirtless most of the time."
She giggled. "Really? Even Niall?" Leah looked up at me and stuck her tongue out. Josh recaptured her attention. "Oh yeah all the time." He winked at me; no need to mention activities on the bus.
He got up and stretched. "Want me to get their asses up?" Josh nodded to the covered bunks, then caught himself and looked at Leah, who was oblivious to his slip of tongue.
"Yeah, go ahead." Josh walked off as Leah turned to me.
She sighed deeply. "Niall I missed you. All of you. I wrote a few letters."
I brought her close. "We got one. I'm so sorry Lee." This conversation had gone from lighthearted to somber fast.
She snuggled in close to my side. "I miss him so much. Then you came back." It killed me. I knew she wasnt talking about one of us by 'him'. And she didn't know that it was me, us that drew Adam out. I just hugged her.
Louis's pov.
Josh flipped me over. It was a wonderful wake up call. "What..?" I said grogily. He just laughed evilly and moved to Harry's bunk where he accidently flipped him onto the floor. Harry got up immediately and pushed Josh into the bunk that happened to be sleeping beauty- Zayn's bunk. He groaned.

Liam finnally got up to stop the small tussle that Harry was going at. "Oww, Zayn get up!" He said sharply pulling Harry, as I rolled up and grabbed Josh's arm. They finally stopped and smiled at each other.
"Morning mate." Harry smirked as he tried to punch Josh's arm again, but missed as he ducked underneath the swing and dragged Zayn on to the floor.
I walked out on the foolishness to Niall's visible knees on the couch. "Hey Niall. Hey Leah." I walked to our secret stash of snacks and meant to pull a box of cereal out-
"LEAH!" I turned around. I completely forgot about out little mission last night, it just felt so natural to have her there with us. I rushed to her and pulled her in to a hug. I felt her legs squeeze around my waist instinctively.
"Lou?" She asked shocked with a hint of laughter underneath. I set her back down next to Niall. She was quite surprised. I started to laugh. Harry was next to walk in and waved at her, leaning down for a hug. Then Josh walked back in and winked at her.
Finally, with Liam towing him, Zayn perked up when he saw her.
"Z?" She questioned happily.
"Leah!" She bounded in to his open arms. Zayn lifted her up and Leah buried her head into his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his neck. He kissed the top of her head.
He turned her just enough, so she caught sight of Liam waiting. "Li! Good morning." She said politely . Zayn released her and she pecked Liam on the cheek.
"Hey Lee. Breakfast?" He asks.
She nodds and sits down. We are all going back to our routine, comfortable as it ever was.
Zayn's pov.
Louis drove. Responsibly, of course, it would look pretty bad if we got pulled over. We had a good breakfast, I wouldn't really know; I was half asleep. But what I gathered from it was that Leah was absolutely fascinated with Josh. Which just seemed funny because usually it was the other way around. Josh was the normal one then all mighty 1D was the focus of everyone.
However Leah was pretty quiet for the ride mostly curled up between Niall and Liam. They spoke over her head with Josh Harry and I. How we were going to get her into the hotel without everyone finding out?
Driving back to New Jersey where Louis arranged we would stay next. Our so-called plan ended up going something like this: we were going to walk off the bus, accept our punishment for leaving unexpectedly again, and take Leah's bag with us to our rooms. Then Niall, probably would double back saying he forgot something five minutes later and sneak Lee up to us where we would then... yeah, thats all we had.
"We have arrived." Louis called back to us. Niall handed Leah his phone telling her to play on it for a bit and led her to the tiny bathroom. Josh perked out a window, sighing slightly.
"Paul and the entire security crew." I walked off first followed by Harry, carrying Leah's bag as well, then Josh which caught some attention, and Louis and Niall. And finally Liam, hanging his head.
I smirked as we stood there, like in a police line up and waited for our scolding. Paul looked us all over angrily. Louis eyes were wide, trying to feign innocence but was failing miserably with Harry barely containing his laugh next to him. Paul stopped pacing in front of us and stopped at Louis.
"Hello Louis. Welcome back. Care to tell where you've been off to?"
And Lou, idiot, smartly said, winking, "nope not really."
Paul blinked at him then moved onto the unfortunate weak link. Liam. "Liam how about you? Where did you go?"
And poor Liam really was biting his lip; really he was supposed to be the one that got us out of trouble, and he had been leading it this time. "Sorry Paul." He muttered.
Paul was fuming and stiffly handed us our room keys, giving up. "Niall with Josh, Zayn with Liam, Louis with Harry. No switching rooms." He walked back to the hotel without another word.
Harry's pov.
We watched the door close and Paul give us one last dirty look before we all collapsed laughing. I slapped Josh on the back a few times before we all headed up too. I walked in, immediately throwing my bags to the wall of the room. Louis came in after, and the other lads disapeared in their rooms as well.
He collapsed on the bed laughing hard still. Louis then sat up suddenly, after having spot the corner where our bags lay. "Leah!"
So basically after a frantic knocking on doors, we all agreed to rush down at the same time. Genius, right?
No keeping watch as we ushered a girl into our hotel. Leah, to her credit didn't seem too worried about us forgetting about her for 15 minutes. Rather she stunned us all with;
"It's alright. I've got used to being alone since you guys left."
Liam's pov.
We guided her upstairs, not bothering with the risk of using an elevator. I opted to lift leah up to my back and she didn't object, and I could feel her deep intakes of breath against my shoulder blades.
And at night, she leaned into me.
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