Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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5. Figure it out

Liam’s pov
Its Sunday morning, 8am. I get dressed and head down the hall. Adams at the stove making eggs and Leah’s at the table reading a cereal box. “Hey Adam, I say, “hey Leah” as she notices my presence.
She smiles but does not respond. Instead she shakes her head and lightly taps her left hand to her mouth then brings it in front of her level right hand.
I sit opposite her and say, “is that how you say good morning?” She nods and says aloud it means good morning. “OK then teacher Leah.”
She rolls her eyes and then goes back to her cereal.
Adam sits to my right. “Hi Liam, how was your first night?”
“Not bad,” I say, helping my self to the eggs he's put in front of me.
“What was all that about?’ He nods in Leah’s direction.
“Oh, we are going to learn ASL.”
Adam looked so happy. “Wow that’s... Wow thank you so much, that is really going to help out.”
Just then the boys walk in looking like zombies, waving to Adam and Leah. I hear Leah snort at their appearance. I did too. Niall takes the last seat to the left of me. He starts to pick egg off my plate, and I swat it away, Leah’s really guaffing now.
I finish eating and the rest of the boys declined breakfast besides Niall. Adam speaks. “So I thought we would go food shopping first then everything else shopping because I don't know what you need. Then come back here and work on the computer for a little bit and work on your logo. That’s all for today, so after 2ish you guys are free.”

Zayn pov
I take this as my cue to move. I stumble out and into my room, where Niall is already half naked. “Put a shirt on,” I complain, “there’s little girls in the house!”
Niall shoves his big blonde head through a tee shirt and laughs. “We are going food shopping I'm excited,” he exclaims.
I get dressed and head to the living room where Leah and Adam and harry, Liam and Lou wait for me and Niall.
Leah is on Louis back and he is acting like her weight is too much. “Omg Leah you’re choking me!” She loosens her grip a little. Niall comes running out and then we are off.

A half and Hour later

Zayn's pov
I strolled down the aisle comfortably. Niall and Louis were a few feet behind with our cart. It was quite literally overflowing. Mostly snacks, for Niall's cravings. Louis had managed to sneak a few packets of baby carrots, with the help of Liam, much to Niall's disgust.
"Why in the world you want those, you could have any snack in the entire world, you pick a vegetable?!”
He had shrugged, and they had started bickering again. I caught up with Liam a few feet ahead. He was shopping with a small basket, filled with actual food. Like meats, eggs and salad stuff. Haha, he looked like my mother. We walked in silence, occasionally picking something off the shelf, while Lili looked at the price. We walked around a bit, before going to check out. Leah stood there, buying a candy bar. She got it and turned around. She looked surprised and a guilty smirk appeared on her face. Liam fake scolded her. “Did you take money from your dad, to buy that candy bar?”
She looked up, defiant, “No, i have no idea what you are talking about.”
That devil child, I thought.
Me and Liam did eventually pay for everything, including the boys cart and Adam's and took trips to and from the van to load it all in. We both, exhausted, huffed back into the store to wait for the others. When we walked I smiled. Like ear to ear. Leah was signing to this middle aged lady who walked besides, shopping. The lady was responding back, just as fluently... I turned to Liam. He had a small grin playing on his lips too. We grabbed Niall out of the samples isle. “What the hell, guys?” i jerked my head to where Leah was still conversing.
“Oh.” Was all Niall said. stunned for a moment. Harry and Lou came up behind behind him. “You cant just drag Niall away Zayn...”  Lou drifted off as he looked where we were all staring.

Louis pov
She looked so happy. And like a mask. I had no idea what they were saying, but her facial expression changed  so much, I let out a little laugh.
Zayn turned to us all. “So you see, why we have to learn sign language? look at how engaged she is and we can have that lady teach us.”
"Bro you already know im in," I said pledging.
Zayn slapped my back. “Good, now can you please get Niall that sample cereal, hes about to die."

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