Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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23. Don't promise that you'll call

Liam's pov

Niall's eyes were getting redder and redder as he reread the letter. Zayn just looked shocked and Lou and Harry looked sad. Niall walked over to a desk, where usually paper was kept, close incase he thought of lyrics and grabbed a sheet. Quickly he began to write.

Zayn let the letter pass to Harry's hands and got up to join Niall. There, he pointed to a section of whatever he was writing, "No, say that we miss her terribly."

I got up immediately and snatched the notepad. Niall’s eyes flashed and said crossly, "Liam give it back." My eyes scanned the writing. In a burst of I don’t even know what, I ripped it up and watched as the boys’ eyes watch the pieces dance to the floor. In a flash Niall was up, with Zayn behind him, looking only slightly calmer. "What. The. Hell?"

I quickly backed away and got a prewritten letter out from a small stack. Niall glanced at it and pushed it back into my chest.

“What is this? We are sending her a thank you letter? She thinks we forgot her, Liam, is that what you wanted when you said-"

“Niall, please,” Harry’s voice spoke up, “Liam never meant for it to have this consequence..." his voice got quieter.

“Yes, mate listen to him. I said we shouldn't contact her again, after we left because it would hurt her to keep talking as if we going to see her again. you said it yourself, she is never going to bother attending a concert of ours.”

“Oh you think this is better, to let her feel abandoned? I promised we would call every night.”

“What Niall, you cannot just promise on the behalf of the rest of the band.” I was just as angry as he was now: did he think I wanted to that to Leah? No. And promising something he knew we would not be able to keep? That was just setting her up for this. That was why I had said, once we were rented a flat together, we shouldn't maintain contact with Leah, just Adam, because her talking to us and knowing we wouldn't ever come and see her, would not be good for her. Niall had even agreed. So now, he wants to play the good guy?

“It’s almost like Twilight and New Moon,” Louis mumbled quietly, trying to stop the storm clouds rolling in. Harry laughed nervously and forced next to him as Zayn, Niall and I all shot him the same look.

"All she wanted to do was to talk to us! How hard would that have been Liam?" Niall pushed at me.

“Niall this isn’t how it used to be, like in the beginning. You know, probably more than anyone in this room, that time management is crucial, and we have to use it wisely. Are you able to tell me that everyday the past year you would've had a spare 20 minutes, not past 11:30 pm?”

"Oh, that’s your excuse? The poster child for having it all, managing a career, and girlfriend? Besides we would've made time. You never gave us a chance to."

That stung. Just last week, I had confided in him that Dani felt... as if we were drifting apart with my schedule. "Niall, you’re being stupid. This," I threw lyrics at him, "takes time away from Danielle and you know it! And I never gave you the chance? You agreed to letting ties be severed too, so did managment! You are making this kind of one sided!"

Niall fell silent at this: he knew he had voted too. His mouth was opening and closing but no sound was coming out. Now that he had been derailed completely, his cheeks started to get really red, and his eyes started to water: no longer could he hide behind anger. He started to open his mouth again...

Zayn's pov

I had slipped away during the argument, just to get a breather and calm down a bit. I knew Liam loved Leah like we all did, and never had the agreement made it a point to be malicious to Leah. Ever. Niall knew he voted on this too. I figured it would be over soon. So when I stepped back in when the cold became too much, I was surprised to hear yelling from two people and not just Niall. Reaching the sitting room, it seemed Liam had been fed up with all of this and started to yell back at Niall, who I could tell was breaking down behind his mask. His eyes were getting puffier. Niall was just too sensitive and caring to be yelled at, especially by a best friend.

As the argument went on I began to feel for Leah's letter again, and I clenched my fist by my side. Whoa, Zayn relax. Liam had finally gone too far and Naill came up short, his mouth trying to form words. He shook his head and tried to say something.

"Save it Niall. And close your mouth, you just look stupid." Liam shot at him, breathing heavily brushing past me on the way to the door.

I looked at Niall again, holding the side of his red face with one hand. He whispered, looking toward where Liam had been standing a few seconds ago, "I'm so sorry Liam."

That was it. I spun on my heels and caught Liam before he made his way out the door. I spun him around, and his brow furrowed. "What Niall- oh Zayn. It's just-"

My fist came up swinging by my ear. I punched him. Square in the jaw. I knocked him to his knees. His lip was cut and bleeding.That stupid superior look was off his face now, as his eyes looked up at me.

Harry's pov

I had nudged Lou, telling him to say something. He made a stupid joke. I held in my groan. I had just made it worst after my comment, which in turn had set Liam off on Niall.

As Liam stormed out, I went to comfort Niall.

"It's okay, he didn't mean it, you both just need... to calm down."

Zayn followed him out, I thought Zayn looked pretty calm, so I didn't think anything of it. That was until I heard a thud hit the ground, and a quick gasp reached my ears.

I patted Niall another time on the back. If that noise was what I thought it was, then Liam needed me more right now than Niall did. I got up and distinctly heard Niall mutter, "so you take his side." I swallowed the bitter feeling and kept walking to the door. How had this happened? We were just opening fan mail.

As I had predicted, Liam was kneeling on the floor, with Zayn slowly backing away from him fist still loosely clenched. His eyes looked almost darker, and he ran out the door. The more pressing matter, was of course, Liam's gash on his lip, and his already bruised cheek bone. I lead him over to the table and sat him down, supporting him under his arms. I walked to the refrigerator and got him an ice pack wrapping it in a towel. He held it over his face with one wide brown eye looking at me.

"Mate what happened?" I said sitting opposite him.

"I turbed aroun' an' thibking it wub Nail, bua it wub Zen and he punch'd meb." His voice was controlled by his fat lip and the ice pack.

"Oh, well, Zayn's a prick."

Liam shook his head. "No, heb is not." Liam was such a nice guy sometimes, because if I had been punched by Zayn, I would be buzzing mad.

Louis's pov.

Harry walked out towards the kitchen as I took his spot next to Niall, mixing rubbing and patting his back. Niall leaned back against the couch, closing his eyes.

"You okay?" He nodded and groaned.

I walked over to the apparently taboo subject of letters tonight. I grabbed a fresh sheet of 'Thank You for Writing' paper and signed it. I checked over my shoulder making sure Niall still had his eyes closed. I grabbed an envolope and put the folded letter in it, writing Lele on the front, along with Adam's address.

There was no point in getting the rest of the lads to try and sign it too. I packed it in the middle of the other pile of replies, then swept the unopened mail into a drawer. None of this was going to get done.

Niall spoke, his voice thick and slow with his eyes still closed and red.

"Tell Liam I said sorry."

"Tell him yourself. Everyone needs to apolgize."

"No I can't. He will never talk to me again. I should have never yelled at him. He was just thinking about what was best."

"No he will talk to you again, I promise."

"He shouldn't."

"Niall just go to bed, this will blow over by morning."

"Yeah... okay Louis, I'll just..."

I watched him stumble up the stairs. I put the letters near the door and went with Harry and Liam in the kitchen. I sank down next to Harry and questioned about the ice pack. Liam removed it and the side of his face was a blue color, with a small trickle of dried blood coming from a split lip.

"Where's Zayn?"

"He left after he punched me," said Liam with no anger or emotion in his voice.


It was just a letter. I tried to keep telling myself, just a fan letter. But I knew it was more. No letter could have possibly caused this much damage in an hour. All because of Leah and a choice we decied a year ago.

I spoke to Liam again. "All Niall wanted to say was sorry."

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