Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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24. But we carry on

Leah didn't really expect anything. Of course part of her hoped. Yet they didn’t talk to her before...
She checked the mail pile, flipping through her dad’s bills. A less formal letter was at the bottom of the pile. She flipped it over.
Her heart raced with the simple “Lele.”
She squirled the letter to her room, out of the kitchen. Once sitting behind her messy desk, she stuck her thumb under the paper, not quite sure of its contents.
She jerked it open quickly, just wanting to know.

Thank you for writing us. We appreciate everything fans like you send us! We love you, and love your support.
The letter went on like this for sometime. Leah's face dropped lower as she read the letter. This was just generic fluff they sent everyone, she thought.  

She laughed at herself bitterly now, what had she really expected? A letter explaining how they were doing now, and how they had tried to call, it was just a misunderstanding or a communication error, and Niall and Lou would fly in and walk her to school? She was just stupid. They’d made it very clear that she was nothing to them, : you think it would be different after 3 months.

At the bottom, there was only one signature, more of a wavy line really. Louis T.
And that was it, none of the other boys’, no questions back to her. Her friends told her that One Direction makes each letter personal, so Leah expected at least a question , maybe from Niall, saying ‘how’s your chords going?’

None of that, and only Lou had bothered. Why? Leah was terrified of that answer, silly as it may be. They didn't remember her enough and thought she was crazy person.

She cried, only for a second. Then went over to a poster and drew a heart on Lou’s chest. If they didn't remember her, fine. She would forget every memory of the lads she knew, and would go with the information she found in magazines. Her Z would become D.J. Malik. What in the world? She had no idea what that meant.


This letter meant nothing, much like her’s had been, compared to her original. and it killed Leah to admit that fact to herself.

2 months later.

Leah didn't try to contact them again. It was obvious they just had passed the letter off.

Meanwhile, Lou had been under fire the day after mail went out.

“You sent a generic letter with only you signing it?”

"You shouldn't have responded at all.”

"Liam don’t get back into this," Zayn called from the room over. The animosity between them was gone and the punch had meant nothing.

"I responded, okay? Niall was sleeping, Zayn you were gone somewhere, and Liam probably wasn't in the mood.” Lou shot back irritated now, 'what was so bad about a signature?' He thought.

“What about me,” Harry cried.

"I dunno, you were comforting Liam. I put nothing personal in it , just I addressed the envelope Lele." Lou told them, hoping they’d understand.

"Don't send another one." Liam warned, with Niall nodding behind his back.

"But maybe we can see her: we go on tour of eastern Canada and U.S. coast, next week." Zayn added.

"We don't stop in New York mate, just give it up Zayn."  Out of all the boys, Zayn felt the worst about leaving Leah hanging, she had trusted him completely, enough to tell him anything and everything.

"We’ll see,” was the final decision.
3 weeks later

The boys were half way done with their tour down the Atlantic coast. 'Canada was awesome,' they’d been quoted later.


Now they were in Boston, that was their New England location. Niall was particularly excited about the Irish part of the city.

*After concert*

After the concert, Harry had sneakily gotten them all fake Id’s. They went to this pub down town. It just went down hill from there.

Liam's pov.


My head was spinning. I hadn't drank anything, but I mind as well have. The boys had been drinking like it was water, and it was only 11 pm, they were really badly drunk. I could not control them all. Harry was flirting ruthlessly with some girl at a bar, while Zayn danced and Niall... well he was grinding.
And I couldn't even find Louis. Uh-oh.


'We need to get back to the hotel, before anybody did anything they regretted, or hurt themselves.' I thought panicking.

I walked over to Harry. “Mate don't you think we should go now?” I lifted the bottle out of his hand.

"Nah, just enjoy yourself," he grinned and I backed away. That was no use.

I found Zayn again in the crowd. He looked up at me and pulled me towards this fit girl. "Liam come on." I tugged at his arm.

"No Zayn, Dani and Perrie, remember?" 

He scowled, "I'm not doing anything. But if your that worried... we can go see Leeeaaahhhh."

I laughed at him. "Lad that makes no sense, we are like 500 miles away from there. Do you just want to go to bed?”

"No I don't think I do." And he slipped out of my grip, to another girl. I turned around to see Niall smiling stupidly behind me.

"I heard 'Leah'. So I called her," he said. I realized he was holding a phone to his ear.

Zayn ended back up next to Niall who would not hang up. Every time I tried to take the phone, he would slap my hand away and slur, “no Lili wait, it’s still ringing.”

Niall passed the phone to Zayn who yelled into it. "Vas happenin'!"

Oh God. He passed the phone over to me. "Adam says he wants to talk to you.”

I grabbed the phone, running outside, the quiet air of the alley surrounding me. My ears were ringing. We needed to leave, and none of the bodyguards knew we were here... we would get in such trouble would I called them now. Right now we, no, I was alone. And Adam was on the phone.

“Hello Adam. Will you come pick us up?”

Back to 3rd person

"Niall put Liam on the phone."


"No, Niall. Liam."

"Hello Adam."

"Liam, why is he calling me?"

"Adam can you come pick us up? I'm not drunk but the lads are and I don't what to do." Liam sounded panicked.

"Where are you? Brooklyn? I wasn't notified you were in the ar-"


"Liam, that's 3 hours away by plane."

"I know. Adam please. I need help. You're our only contact in America who's not in L.A."

"I will be there in 3 hours. Get them out of... Where are you? You can't legally drink here."

"Harry bought false ids for us all."

"Liam, why wouldn't the bouncer know?"

"He didn't recognize us."

"Has anybody?"

"I have no clue. Adam please get here quickly."

"Listen Liam, order them water and pretzels. Try and get them less drunk."

"Not going to work Adam. I'm telling you, I can't control all of them."

"I'm about to say bye to Leah now. I can be there soon. Liam stay safe."

"Thank you Adam," his voice saturated with relief.

The line went dead as Adam embraced his daughter and told her goodbye.

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