Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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27. Be mine

Liam's pov.
"Leah we are going to try and adopt you. Would you like that?" Leah nodded numbly tears streaking down her face. She fell into Niall crying. There was a knock on the door. I got up to answer it and was surprised by seeing Mrs Grey. I thought we had her all night, although it was 6 in the morning, time flies...
"Oh hello Liam. You were just the person I wanted to talk to," Mrs. Grey had a small sad smile on her face. "You see, I know about all your tours and stuff, and I know you have plans on adopting Leah." I nodded, not exactly sire where this was headed or how she knew. Had we all been that obvious about it?
"You see, Adam's wills' contents have been released, and the City of New York has notified me that I am to be Leah's guardian in case of his untimely death. I plan on acting on that."

I struggled to find my voice, knowing where this was headed. "And?" I questioned, needing to hear it.
"I am going to adopt Leah."
I stared up at her. "Please we were going to try as well."
"Do you think that would be best? I hear you are the responsible one in this group, so I would hope you would think about Leah first. Her whole life is here. It wouldn't be as big an adjustment for her if she came and lived with me."
I nodded again, mouth slightly agape. Her point was sinking in.
"Liam, I want you and the boys to drop your hold over her housing situation." Her mouth and eyes were kind. I could tell she truly cared about what happened to the little girl currently in Niall's arms. Taking her away from a stable life would be a horrible thing to do to a eleven year old.
I shut my eyes tightly, I spoke quietly," I see your point, but I don't think the other boys would be so... Lenient."
It was her turn to nod. "I see. You have a week to make you final decision and meet me in a court hearing. I trust you will pass this on to the rest of your band?"
"Good," Mrs. Grey's eyes lit up to a point somewhere behind me. "Good morning child," she said as Leah ran up out of the doorway and hugged her. The boys alarmed by my long absence looked at me questionably.
"Uh, Mrs. Grey, could you take Leah out so I could talk to the lads?" I looked down at her, making sure Leah got none of this atmosphere.
"Of course." She took Leah by the hand we Leah tuned around and waved bye. I waved back half heartily then led the boys back over to the couch.

It killed me to do it. Louis looked excited to be keeping Leah around on tour. I could hear him quickly explaining how to make her comfortable in our tour bus. Niall and Zayn were almost jumping with the idea of  Leah coming along with us, "she'll come with us and see the world!"

I wanted to word this in a less angering manner. Harry's face looked torn. I think he could tell something was up.

I cleared my throat. The chatter instantly stopped. Niall and Lou look scared of what I have to say. Funny. Zayn looked scary. I get where that bad boy vibe comes from. Harry looks up, dreading what I'm about to propose.
"We've been going at this for what? A year, year and a half? That's not a lot of time experience or even revenue really. Would we even have the correct supplies to take a little girl with on tour?"  Zayn started to approach me, eyes livid. I put my hands up apologetically.
"Guys please, think about's what's best for Leah. Her school is here. All her friends are here. We can't just pull her from that kind of environment  And she's going to want to go school some time, she's is not going to settle for hotel rooms every month. And the fans? What would they say? I don't want her exposed to that side of our fame yet."
I just rambled on and on. Harry sided with me completely now, Louis and Niall had been next to understand my reasoning. Zayn just looked at me, anger in his eyes.

"So," he said quietly, "after living with her family for 11 years you think she is going to be 'just fine,'" he put air quotes around that, "a deaf teenager in child services?"
His voice had absolutely no emotion, but it slapped me in the face.

I stood strong. I opened my mouth but Niall cut me off. "Zayn? Remember how we walked her to school every morning and how thrilled she looked to be there? It would be horrible to take her away from what she loves Zayn. Would you want to do that to her?"

"You don't understand," he roared at all of us, "My family was a foster family once. It was this girl, Amelia  She was only 4 I think when she came to my house. I was 13. She was the sweetest thing ever, laughing at everything and always the life of her tea party." Zayn paused for a moment, thinking back. He shook himself a little and continued.

"Well she requested a new foster home, nothing personal, she had explained, 'I don't want to be hurt be mummy and daddy after too long.' That's what had happened to her in other homes, the family got friendly with her, then treated her horribly.

"She moved away and I was 16 when she came back. It was about a month before I auditioned. She came back: a tough 8 year old who trusted no one. Amelia became so disobedient and she got in deep shit at school. Eventually she left again. She changed so much in 4 years."

He looked straight at me now. "Do you want Leah to lose her innocence?

"Please Zayn relax. She wouldn't be going to child services,"he raised his eyebrows at me, "for long. She would live with Mrs. Grey."

Zayn's pov.
I looked at Liam, the cause of this all.
I'd seen this before. How quickly a child could be changed inside the system. Leah was my second Amelia, close in age and character.  Leah was still carefree with her spirit  Amelia had lost that long ago in though the system.

And her staying with the women downstairs? It wouldn't work out! Leah was just too full of energy to be pinned down with an old lady like that. Mrs. Grey seemed like a motherly sort of person, but she would just never get Leah the way we did. I knew all of her aspiration and dreams in life. Everything little Lele was afraid of, I knew about.

I was about to shoot another answer at Liam, when Niall interrupted again.
"How about," he looked thoughtful as he proposed whatever carefully, "we take her on a trial home."
"What? Niall that doesn't even make-"
"No mate hear me out. What if we leave with her and take her on tour with us. For I don't know a month or so, to see if Leah would be okay."

"But we leave for the rest of the tour tomorrow," Harry said panicking
"And we have a court hearing with Mrs. Grey in a week," Liam added giving out more information.
I contemplated for about a second. It was a good idea.

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