Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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14. And have a celebration, a celebration

Niall's pov.

The door opened and Louis stepped in with Leah tiptoeing in behind him.
She impatiently flipped on the lights, wondering why it was dark.

We jumped up from our hiding places and Adam, El and Dani, and that Grey lady shouted, "SURPRISE!" The boys and I, though, we jumped up, putting our pressed fingers to the sides of our eyes and and then moving our fingers outward, opening them. We signed ‘Surprise’!

Leah looked shocked but really happy as she looked at her home. She ran into Adam’s waiting open arms and he lifted her up and spun her around in the air.
He looked at her and said, "Happy 10th birthday baby girl."

She gave a most childlike squeal, then ran to hug all of us in a row. She kept saying and signing thank you, thank you over and over again.

I knelt down and she scrambled on my back, and we all paraded her around the room. El and Dani just clapped and laughed along with us. Adam looked like he was about to cry. I shot him a smile as he looked over. Me and Leah crashed into the couch, and she sat there as we signed and sang the happy birthday song.


We decided to do gifts first because it was what she wanted. And I give her anything she wants because she deserves it, so unselfishly.
I give her my gift first. An oddly shaped rectangle is placed on the table before and she struggles with paper.I reach over and lift the tape for her as she rips the rest of the paper to shreds.
Her face furrows at the sight of a cardboard box that says Fender. Leah stares at me confused, and I encourage her to open the rest of the box up.
Lifting the lid, Lee's face lights up as she picks up the bright purple acoustic guitar.
"Its a quarter size smaller than mine," I explain as she strums the tune we are working on.
She runs over to me and throws her hands up around my neck.

"Thank you so much Nialler!"
"Ha, welcome Leah."
She scurries back to the couch and Harry is handing her his gift.

Harry's pov

Jeez, how am I going to live up to Nialler’s gift? It must have cost three times as much as mine.
I handed a gift bag to her outstretched hand. Leah placed the bag on her lap and carefully sorted through the tissue paper. Oh, God she probably is disgusted I used a bag, or she probably does not even like the cooking lessons I’ve been giving her, she just puts up with them....
"Hazza, I love it! I need to try and make something by myself sometime anyway. It’s a perfect cookbook and," she flipped through a few of the pages, "it's got a enormous a dessert section." With that she gave me a hug, and my mind was just blank. ‘She liked it she really did.’ I was so relieved.
She pulled the card out of the bag and read my letter to her, grin getting wider and wider. Then Leah examined the certificate I put in the card.
"It’s to a restaurant down the street, it is really good." I explained needlessly, as Adam was already promising to take  her some time.

Liam's pov

I jumped at the opportunity to give Leah my gift next. It was nothing big but I hoped she would enjoy it. She sat back down in the couch, present in hands.
"Harry Potter Complete Boxed Set," she read aloud. "Lili i am going to read these over and over again. Thank you so much!
“No problemo Lele,” I winked at her.

Louis's pov

I handed Leah a rather heavy decorated box. The box itself was small but it was really dense. She plopped it on her lap and tore the paper off. Adam came over with a box cutter and slid the flaps of the box open.
"Lou, you got me a plastic... thing?" She asked, a bit crestfallen and perplexed.
“No of course not! why would I? Look," I said, pulling a picture up on my phone, " its a -"
“Giant hamster ball!” She said, interrupting me, “This is going to be so much fun, thank you so much, Lou!
"No probs Lele."
My work here was done.

Zayn’s pov

I didn’t wrap my gift. I was a failure at 10 year old girl birthday parties. All my gift had on it was a ribbon, forming a little bow on the top. I reached behind my chair and pulled out a box full of....
“Makeup! Hair cream!” Leah shrieked. “Zayn, how did you know?!”

“Love, I do your hair every morning. It was just intuition,” I said winking and then messing up her hair. Leah ducked out of my grasp and jumped back on the couch and opened her new beauty stuff.
“I am going to wear this all the time..!”
“Only if it’s okay with your dad,” I chimed in, I didn’t want Adam to get mad at me. Adam just looked amused.
“How about you only wear it for special occasions, and you can wear a little for when you and your friends come over here, and mess with makeovers?
“Ok dad!” She agreed instantly. “Thanks Z,” she beamed one more time at me.

Adam then got his gift out and made a little speech. “So, um this just part of your gift Leah, but boys it’s also yours kinda... with all the hard work we’ve been doing...” he trailed off. “It would be easier if I just showed you.”
He gave Leah a pink balled up piece of cloth, in a column. Then he passed five black column of cloth over to us.
Leah shook out the shirt, and we followed her lead.

Me was staring at me! Lou and Harry started laughing, as Liam gave the shirt to Dani and she slipped it on. Our faces were plastered onto the shirts, and the lettering of One Direction was underneath. This was so weird, my face was on a shirt, looking back up at me.

“Lou, you look like an idiot!” Harry said, poking fun.
“Please Styles, I look 10 times better than you ever will.” He grinned evilly and I knew he was going to play the girlfriend card. “Isn’t that right, Eleanor?”
“Oh, no way are you dragging me into this too!” El laughed and backed away.
Leah put the shirt on right away and said, “Daddy, thanks. It looks great!”
Adam responded, “We are also going to go camping at the beach when summer comes around,” then signed ‘I love you.’ To be honest, it was the only sign he had down pat.

As we settled down, El and Dani stood up and gave Leah a surprise gift they’d bought while we were in the city. Leah looked shocked, as they handed her a little black box saying, “Hi I’m Dani, and I’m Eleanor, or just El.”

Leah opened it, and gasped when she saw the pretty pearl studs the girls had gotten her.
“Thank you, thank you!” El swooped down and gave her a peck on the cheek as Dani slid the earrings into Leah’s small ears.

Adam brought out the cupcakes, and gave out cups with soda.
“Cheers,” I said, raising my glass to Leah. She laughed and tapped her glass back.


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