Deafening Silence

One direction may may be the biggest thing in England, but they need to promote their image in America! So they board with this guy and his daughter, who may be more special then any of the guys thought.
How will she change them? And will it be for better or worse?
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15. All of my friends

Louis's pov

"I missed you." I whispered in into Eleanor's hair, part caressing, part kissing.

After the party, Adam allowed El and Dani to stay in his apartment, and sleep in the living room. Leah asked if she could too, and she came running back in with a sleeping bag, plopping her self on the couch. We got the mattresses from out rooms and sprawled them out on the floor. We cleaned up the cups and food, saying good bye to Mrs. Grey. Adam went to bed rather early, compared to us but wished the girls a good stay.

She laughed airily. "I know, i missed you too. But imagine my surprise when Niall tells me you've been around town with another girl."

Her tone is still lovingly, and light. I cant tell if she serious or not. I match her attitude.

"Oh really and this 'Niall', what did he say exactly?" I lean back into her hair. God I've missed her.

"Oh nothing," she whimsically muses, "just that you have been getting close to this girl Leah?" She raises her eyebrows jokingly at me and I kiss the wrinkles on her forehead.

"Ahh, I see. You know I'm quitting singing to become a full time babysitter." I joke around with her.

El giggles again, leaning in to my chest. "I wouldn't blame you, shes adorable."

Leah had fallen in love with Eleanor and Danielle, as soon as they gave her the earrings. She followed them around and pulled her hair into a loose bun, like Dani did, when she was getting ready for bed. And they fell in love with her too, no doubt. El somehow, she was amazing, knew  Leah was deaf, and already started to pick up some of signs we used commonly around Leah. Leah was thrilled to have to new friends at her house, who already spoke something like her.

"Yeah she is." I whisper back, "and she's been through so much."

"Huh. Like what?' El asked, her interest sparking.

"Well, she lost her mom at 5," I paused, waiting for El's reaction, a surprised gasp reaching my ears in the darkness.

"Yeah, and then Adam is really poor at sign language, although he tries. He really is a great father to her. Oh, and Leah goes to a school for the deaf a few blocks from here."

"That's interesting." El snuggled in closer to me. It was past 1 am. I put  my arms around her and we fell asleep like that, together at last, while the birthday girl slept soundly a few  feet away.

Liam's pov.

We woke up late, to Lee and El's laughter. I peeped my eyes open, to see Lou frowning at them, a mustache and monocle drawn on his face. Dani wakes up besides me, and quickly pecks me on the lips. I smile. "Good morning."

We didn't end up going to bed until late. Me and Dani kind of talked about how much we missed each other and of course life. We heard Louis tell Eleanor about Leah.

The other boys were already eating breakfast. "Ay, Lele this tastes great," Harry comments and she bows and says thank you. Zayn and Niall quickly laugh and clap.  She beams over at them.

And already this feels like a good day.


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