To My Buhnnies :P




I felt that ya'llz needed a reward for being so flipping awshum! So, I am writing all the rude insults Ik! If ya'llz know more comment them, I'll post the ones I like in another chapter.

1. I'd slap you right now, but that might be considered animal abuse.

2. Me ugly? Have you looked in the mirror?

3. Your ex- "You're a slut/b****/whore/ho/ect...." You- "I've been called worse!" Ex- "Like what?" You- "Your gf!"

4. LICK THE CHALKBORED!(haha, ignore this, you have to be in my drama club to understand it)

5. You're too good for me? HAHAHA, Don't make me laugh!

6. You have a good weapon aganist muggars--- YOUR FACE!

7. I don't mind the fact that you talk to long, as long as you don't mind the fact that I'm not listening.

8. I hear you're a lady killer. The look at you and die!

9. Oh! I remember talking to this girl who meet you. I asked her what she thought of you and she said "I'm scared for life! It was so ugly!"

10. I bet your brain feels good as new since you never use it

11. All you're gfs kiss you with their eyes closed, and considering you face I bet that's the only way they can kiss you.

12. I heard that when you're mother first saw you, she left you with the police as she turned herself in for giving birth to you. (Don't use that on anyone. It's extra mean!)

13. You're not yourself today. I notice the improvment almost imediatly!

14. You say no woman has ever made a fool out of you, So who did?

15. Don't you need a licence to be that ugly?

16. I can always tell when you lieing, because your lips move!

17. If I agreed then we'd both be wrong.

18. There are several people in this world I find obnoxious, and you are all of them!

19. You should do some soul seaching, mabey you'll find one.

20. Do you want me to accept you for who you are, or do you want me to like you?

21.When you pass away and people ask me what you're cause of death was, I'll tell them it was your stupidity.

22. I'd say you were smart, but Mommy said not to lie.

23. Whoever told you to just be yourself is horrible at giving advice!
24. I'll never forget the day I meet you, but I'll keep trying.

25. They say oppisites attract. I hope you meet someone innteligant, pretty, and kind.

26.  Do you have an empty feeling-- In your skull?

27. You know, you're not as bad as people say-- YOU'RE WORSE

28. Who am I calling stupid? I don't know. What's you're name again?

THAT'S IT FOR NOW CUZ I WANNA WORK ON MY FANFIC! :) I isn't posting it on movella, because it my first fanfic, and you can't copy paste to movella. BUT OH WELLZ! BUHBYE BUHNIES!

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