When Lightning Strikes

Athena and Atlanta Coman were average twin girls. Well, if you count having telepathy with each other average. Until one day when they overhear one of their parent's conversations.Their whole world is about to be turned on its axis as they dicover newfound family history.




The trek up the hill to the house took longer than the girls anticipated.   It was a good 10 minutes before they even reached the top of the hill.

“I don’t like it here,”  Athena noted. “It’s giving off powerful waves of death and hate.”

As they slowly approached the house, both girls had their first up-close view of it, especially for Athena, who had never seen it before.

                “It’s amazing!” Atlanta exclaimed.  “It’s just like in my dream!  The broken glass, the random bloodstains, the pumpkins that look like they’re spying on you.  And especially the weird flag on the top.”

                “Are you ready for this?”  Athena inquired.

“Of course I am! I was the one pestering you about coming here!”

On that note, Athena and Atlanta gathered up all their courage, and plunged through the door and into the mysterious Delaney House.



                As they crept forward into the great mansion, they were nearly scared out of their mind when lightning struck.  That though, was not what scared them.  The thing that scared them was the giant, red-eyed, black dog staring at them hungrily.  Screaming at the top of their lungs, the girls ran as fast as they could in the opposite direction.  By a stroke of pure luck, Athena and Atlanta found an empty room, charged into it, and securely locked the door.

                “WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT!?!” Atlanta mentally screamed to her sister.

                “Calm down!  We can’t lose our heads in a situation like this.”


“Yes, I know we were, but panicking will worsen the situation.”  After several minutes, Athena finally managed to calm Atlanta down enough to have a civil conversation. 

“I recognized that dog from one of my books-”

“Ooh! Which one?”  Atlanta interjected.

“If you let me finish, I’ll tell you! Now, I recognized it from my mythology books.  If I’m correct, it is a hellhound, an evil, giant dog from the underworld.”

“Well, if it was in a MYTH book, then what is it doing in REAL life?”

“Do you think I know?  All I know is that it had something to do with the lightning.”

“Oh yeah, ‘levina monstrum’ lightning monsters.  That makes sense.  But that doesn’t explain why a MYTHOLOGICAL monster is doing in REAL LIFE?!”

“I don’t know!  Let’s just try and get out of here before anything else occurs.”

“I 100% agree with you on that one.”

With that, Athena and Atlanta began to formulate a plan of escape.

“For all we know, that dog-“hellhound”- “fine, hellhound is still right outside our door.

“If it was right outside the door, don’t you think we would hear it pounding on the door?”

“You’ve got a point.  Let’s go check.”  With that, they got up, walked over to the door, and prepared to open it.  Taking a deep breath, Atlanta turned the handle of the door, and pushed.  For a few seconds, both twins nervously glanced out the door.   Upon finding no vicious beast ready to tear them apart, they both released the breath they hadn’t realized they’d been holding.

“Okay, at least we don’t have a vicious beast on our backs,” Atlanta proclaimed.

With that matter over for the moment, Athena and Atlanta continued to plot their escape.

“I think we should try our luck and make a run for it. It worked well for us the first time,” Atlanta stated.

“That’s too dangerous, we never know what other creatures might be lurking around here,” Athena answered.

“Athena, sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith and trust your instincts.”

“But what if that leap takes you right over a cliff?”

“But what it won’t?  You can’t make plans for everything.”

“Atlanta, this isn’t a game.  If we don’t make a plan, there is a possibility we could get severely injured or even killed.”

“We got to this room on instinct, who says we can’t do the same getting out?”

“I guess you have a point.”

“Good, and if we get harmed, killed, or severely maimed in any way, you can say, ‘I told you so’”


“Just trying to lighten the mood!”

“Fine, I’ll go along with this hare-brained scheme of yours, and I WILL hold you to your word.”

After reaching that conclusion, they both got up, and walked to the door, ready to leave. However, since they weren’t paying attention, they walked straight into something--no, someone. Terrified at who or what it was, they immediately flung themselves back in attempt to get away.  Standing there in the doorway was a man with creepy looking neon-yellow eyes, the exact color of lightning.   He was of average height, and wore a black cloak-like coat with gold trimming.  A smile of satisfaction was across his face.   In a calm, yet devious voice, he spoke,

“Hello girls, I see you have run into my dog.  The Renaissance must be desperate if the only things they can send at me are two little kids.   How would love for your parents to witness your deaths, but we don’t have enough time to arrange that.   The Resistance will rise again!”

“Who are you?” Atlanta inquired.

“Who am I you ask? I am the leader of the Resistance, the chief summoner, the master of this house, Vladimir Delaney!”

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