When Lightning Strikes

Athena and Atlanta Coman were average twin girls. Well, if you count having telepathy with each other average. Until one day when they overhear one of their parent's conversations.Their whole world is about to be turned on its axis as they dicover newfound family history.


4. Questionable Sanity

“Oh god we are in trouble!” was Athena’s first thought after being captured by Vladimir.

“I told you so! Rushing into situations never works!”  In reply, Atlanta commented,

                “He would have been outside our door anyway, plan or no plan.   And maybe if we came to my conclusion  quicker, we wouldn’t be in this mess. I mean, he wasn’t there when we checked for the dog!

                “We’ll settle this later. Infighting will not help. For now, we have to figure out HOW TO GET OUT OF HERE!!”

“Now who’s panicking.”  During this transgression, Vladimir noticed something was up.

“Keep moving!” he barked, “We have to stay on time.”

“Time for what?” Athena wondered.

“Probably time to feed us to his pets.” Atlanta replied.   As they turned the corner, into the next corridor, the twins were both amazed and terrified at what lied before their eyes.  Monsters from all myths and legends lined the walls.  Paranormal creatures found only in spooky stories or haunted houses populated the rooms.   The twins didn’t know whether to scream or stand there in awe at the “mythological” oddities.

Ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and hellhounds were everywhere!   The girls stood truly in horror at this.   Noticing this, Vladimir commented,

“I see you have taken interest in my pets!   This is what you can do with the power of lightning!”  

Astonished at this, Atlanta cried incredulously, “What sane person considers these things pets?”

“I’ll have you know, these things are more of a pet than cats or dogs will ever be!   And just for the record, I am quite sane!” Vladimir retorted.

“…or so he thinks,” Atlanta muttered.

“What was that?” Vladimir asked.



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