When Lightning Strikes

Athena and Atlanta Coman were average twin girls. Well, if you count having telepathy with each other average. Until one day when they overhear one of their parent's conversations.Their whole world is about to be turned on its axis as they dicover newfound family history.


5. Powers? We Have Powers?

Vladimir led the twins into a room that looked like it could be a ballroom, if someone subtracted all the monsters.   He stopped them in the center of the room.

“This is where you will see the downfall of the Renaissance and the Comans!” he proclaimed.

“Wait, what’s the Renaissance?” Athena questioned, “And why are you out to get us?   Is it for trespassing, because we’ll gladly leave!”  For once, Vladimir looked truly stunned at Athena’s words.

“Don’t play dumb with me,” he growled threateningly. “I know you have inside information on Renaissance activity, and that you came here to spy on the Resistance.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are spies for the Renaissance, are you not?”


“Don’t scream at me!” Vladimir ordered.  “You mean that your parents never told you about your heritage as Comans?  They never told you about the Renaissance?  Well, here is a brief history lesson.

Decades ago, this land was a burial site for those who have died inexplicable deaths, such as being shredded to pieces by some unknown force, from heart attacks because of fear, to just being found dead with no bodily harm.  No one could explain these deaths unless you were part of our world, the world of lightning users.

Since this graveyard was bad publicity for our town, the city council shut it down, and sold it to my Delaney ancestors.  Little did they know, they just gave the Resistance a new power boost to summon monsters.  So, the Delaney house was built, and people thought the attacks would stop. 

On the contrary, they just increased, until one night about 13 years ago.   That was the night your parents and the Renaissance destroyed the multitude of monsters the Resistance had worked so

hard to create.   In doing this, they made the Delaney House disappear, and made all of our monsters harder to control.  That is why the house appears so broken down now.

The Renaissance thought we had been wiped out, but we, the Resistance were just building up strength to make the Delaney House reappear, and to lead up to this very night, when lightning will strike at exactly 11:59 PM, and I will summon all the most terrifying monsters the world has ever known!   Basilisks, dragons, chimeras, and more!   With this army, we will crush the Renaissance underfoot!”

“But you still didn’t answer my question,” Atlanta pointed out, “what is the Renaissance and Resistance, and what do they have to do with us?”

“The Renaissance is the reason this same ceremony did not take place 13 years ago.  They are the ones who believe that monsters should not be brought forth into this world, and that we should not terrify the general populace.”

“Who is this ‘we’ you’re talking about?” Atlanta questioned.

“ ‘We’ means lightning users, people who can summon or destroy monsters with lightning. 

A long time ago, that is all we could do, but within the last 150 years, summoners have evolved to learn how to use their powers to destroy monsters.  They are called slayers.  The Delaney’s are a powerful line on summoners, while the Coman’s are an ancestral (POINT!)  line of slayers.   That is why I’m

going to have the monsters destroy you before you can harness your powers.”

“Wait, if we had special powers, wouldn’t we know about them by now?” Athena inquired skeptically.

‘Have you ever noticed that you had special powers, such as telepathy, divination, empathy, invisibility, flying, or in rare case, telekinesis?


“Then you have your answer.  These are the powers shown of summoners or slayers when they are children, before they begin to master their powers.  

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