When Lightning Strikes

Athena and Atlanta Coman were average twin girls. Well, if you count having telepathy with each other average. Until one day when they overhear one of their parent's conversations.Their whole world is about to be turned on its axis as they dicover newfound family history.


2. Levina Monstrum, and Other Big Words

After their final class of the day, Athena and Atlanta met at their lockers to get ready to leave. 

“I wonder if this storm has anything to do with that weird house,” Athena mentally commented.  “I think we should stay after school to do some research on it.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Atlanta answered back.

In agreement, they walked into a classroom to ask a teacher if they could call home to let their parents know that they were staying after school.   After that was done, they briskly walked to the library.

 Once they reached the library, Athena and Atlanta both took a seat at a computer and began their research. 

“What should we research first?”  inquired Athena.

“I think that we need to find out what ‘levina monstrum’ means,” Atlanta answered.   “If it was on the flag in my dream, it must be important.”

Upon finding something, Athena mentally called to Atlanta,

“Look here!   According to this website, ‘levina monstrum’ means ‘lightning monsters.’”

“Well, now we know that the house has something to do with what our parents were saying, considering all the lightning and rain we’ve had lately,”  Atlanta responded.

“Now, let’s look up the Delaney House.”

After a few more minutes of searching, Atlanta found an online article about it.

                “It says here, that the Delaney House was a mansion built by the ancestors of the Delaney Family. Over the years, its use has dwindled as the Delaney’s decreased in number.  About 13 years ago, the house disappeared entirely. No one has seen it since, until yesterday.”  Both sisters were now intrigued by this house and wanted to know more about it.

                “Before we do any more research on the Delaney house, we should find what renaissance and resistance mean,” Athena declared.   Looking in a dictionary, Atlanta found that renaissance meant rebirth, or revival, while resistance meant opposing something you disapprove or dislike.   Still wondering what those words had to do with the house or lightning, the twins were forced to log off the computers because the school library was closing for the day.  They packed up their things, and then began to walk to the front of the school to be picked up by their dad.


"I think that we should go investigate that house for ourselves!”  Atlanta declared.

                “What! Are you crazy! We have no idea what is in that house, we only know it has something to do with lightning and monsters, neither of which I want to be acquainted with!”

                “But if we never explore, we’ll never know!”

                “It’s safer not knowing than struck by lightning or mauled by a monster.  We don’t even know what kind or monsters we’re dealing with!”

                Athena had always been the more rational of the two, planning things out, and jumping head –first into situations.  On the contrary, Atlanta was the more dauntless one, with a “do-first-think-later” mindset.  That is one of the few things that set the twins apart.

“Well, I guess your kind of right, especially with this giant storm,” Atlanta commented dejectedly.

“But, I do want to go investigate at a later time.”  Athena mentioned.   “Once we do more research, and the weather clears up, we can go explore.”

Athena and Atlanta headed home for the day in hopes to do more research from their home computer.  To their dismay, they couldn’t find out anymore than they found at the school.   At last, after a week of rain, it came to a halt one Saturday evening.   Overjoyed by this, Atlanta kept pestering Athena about going to the house. It got to the point where Athena had to turn off her empathy to keep from going into override because of Atlanta’s eagerness.   At last, Athena couldn’t take it anymore and reluctantly agreed to go to the house. 


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