When Lightning Strikes

Athena and Atlanta Coman were average twin girls. Well, if you count having telepathy with each other average. Until one day when they overhear one of their parent's conversations.Their whole world is about to be turned on its axis as they dicover newfound family history.


7. Eyes Of The Beholder

The Comans returned home, where they explained everything.  

“You see, about 150 years ago, lightning users discovered how to use their powers for good and not evil,” their mom began.  “The lightning summoners of that time completely opposed that idea.  They wanted chaos to be spread.  Over the years, animosity grew between these two groups

of people. Those that summon monsters and wrecked havoc were called the Resistance, and those who slayed monsters and kept order were formed the Renaissance.  That is the group we are the leaders of.”

“Why does everyone have different color lightning? I thought lightning only had one or two different shades,” Athena inquired.

“The color of your lightning is the same as your eye color.  Depending on someone’s lightning color, it gives them different powers. Vladimir’s was gold, which meant that he can summon and control monsters.  Mine is purple, like your dad’s, but we wear contacts so we don’t look out of the ordinary.  We have slayer powers like you, but we can also see remnants of where lightning power was used, and what color it was.  It’s kind of like seeing the trail of the crime.”

“What powers do our colors have?” Atlanta asked.

“You both have very rare colors, but I do know yours are more powerful than most.  You both showed signs of that when you developed your telepathy, empathy, and divination.”

“How did you know about our powers?  We never told anyone,” both twins wondered. 

“We knew you would have these powers, we just didn’t know when they’d show up,” their dad replied.  “But we would have known anyway, considering the way you two seem to always silently communicate with one another.”

“I’m not sure what powers you’ll develop, but we already know you are slayers, based on tonight,” their mom proclaimed.

“Is Vladimir dead?” the sisters questioned.

“We’re not sure,” both parents responded.  “You gave him quite a shock, but lightning users have a higher tolerance level for electrocution.  We can only hope that he is in a severely weakened state.” 

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