When Lightning Strikes

Athena and Atlanta Coman were average twin girls. Well, if you count having telepathy with each other average. Until one day when they overhear one of their parent's conversations.Their whole world is about to be turned on its axis as they dicover newfound family history.


1. What House?

A/N: Yes, this is my language essay! Please nominate this for the cover competition or Fantasy and Supernatural, because my other Movelly entry is out of commission. Hope you enjoy it!

Pronunciation guide:
Atlanta: ATT-LAN-TAH
Coman: COH-MIN
Delaney: DELL-EN-AY 
Renaissance: RENN-A-SANZ
Resistance: REE-ZIS-TINTS
Any other word: Please notify in comments.

A broken-down mansion appeared before her.  It looked to have been pretty beaten-up, with random bloodstains in various places.  It had a strange looking flag flying atop the highest point.  All of

a sudden, lightning struck and…

Atlanta awoke from her latest dream.  It was only 5:30 in the morning, but she knew she wouldn’t fall back asleep.  She had been dreaming about this house for a while, and she was beginning to worry.  Now, most people would think, “it’s just a dream, don’t worry,” but to Atlanta, that did not apply.  She had the power of prophetic dreams, which meant that when she dreamed,

she could see the future, past, or other places, and 99.99% of the time, she was accurate.

Sensing her distress, Athena, her twin sister awoke.   Athena had the power of empathy,

which allowed her to sense other people’s emotions at will.   At first, it had been hard for her to fully operate this power and turn it on and off, but since their 13th birthday, she had total control.

Athena and Atlanta were born four minutes apart, with Athena being older.  They were identical in looks, except for their eyes.  Athena had electric blue ones that looked like they’re piercing your mind.  Atlanta had startling green ones that always had a very wild and sporadic appearance.  They both have onyx black hair that is always pulled back into a ponytail.  Their faces have very regal, chiseled features and prominent, cheekbones.  They have a look of nobility.  Since they usually jog to school, they have well-muscled bodies.

For some unknown reason, they had always been able to telepathically communicate with each other.  “That house again?”  Athena mentally commented to her twin.

“Yes,” was her reply.   Both twins had been wondering what this house meant and where it was for some time.   A few minutes later, they both got up and walked down to breakfast.  As they treaded down the stairs, they stopped in their tracks when they heard their parents yelling at one another.

“The Renaissance needs to begin to regroup and prepare!” their mom yelled.  “We know the Resistance is starting something by figuring out how to reveal the Delaney House after all these years.”

                “Well, what if it’s not the Delaney House.   I mean, strange things always happen in this town,” their dad countered.

                “Of course, and how many houses have a flag that says ‘levina monstrum’ do we know?”

                “Okay, maybe you’ve got a point, but that doesn’t change anything.” 

“What does all this mean?” they thought to each other.   “Renaissance?   Resistance?   Delaney? Levina Monstrum?”

“Wait, that phrase was on the flag of the house in my dreams,” Athena noted.

“I wonder if that house has anything to do with what they’re discussing,” Athena replied.  The sisters chose that moment to burst into the kitchen before things got out of hand.  Their parents quickly stopped their discussion upon seeing them.   To break the silence, Athena inquired, “So

what’s for breakfast?” Their mom instantly resumed making their breakfast of pancakes and toast.

“Well that was strange,” commented Athena.

“Yes, it was.” Atlanta responded.

They were both very glad of this telepathy link because it allowed them to communicate without anyone knowing.   They never even told their parents about their powers out of fear that

they would be locked up in some mental institution.  They were not certain of this though, considering their parents line of work.

Their dad, Orion Coman, worked as an investigator of paranormal activity.  If something mysterious inexplicably occurred, he was the on the case.  Likewise, their mom, Cora Coman was parapsychologist; some one who studies and gives aid to those who have experienced paranormal activity of some kind.

The whole family ate their breakfast in silence until Athena noticed this morning’s newspaper. Its headline read, “MYSTERIOUS HOUSE APPEARS BEHIND LEONARDO DAVINCI MIDDLE SCHOOL!”

“That’s our school!” Atlanta mentally exclaimed.  Athena and Atlanta were both 7th graders at DaVinci and were in the honors program. 

Unable to withstand her curiosity, Athena questioned her parents, “Do you know anything about that house?   It sounded like you did from your previous conversation.”

“ATHENA!” Atlanta mentally screamed, “They weren’t supposed to know we heard that!”

Both parents had a panicked look in their eyes, until their mom questioned, “How much of that did you hear?”

Deciding that candor was the best route to take, Athena nervously responded, “Just something about a Renaissance and Resistance.  Also, a Delaney house, which I’m assuming is the house in the paper.   Plus, something called ‘levina monstrum’ whatever that means.   Sounds Latin

to me.” Their parents shared one last panicked glance, before their mom asserted, “Forget you heard anything, and don’t mention this again.”

At that moment, lightning flashed, and it began to rain heavily.

Looking even more worried than before, their dad proclaimed,

“Looks like I’m driving you to school.”   The twins quickly finished their breakfast, got ready

for school, then got into the car.  Taking one last nervous glance at the house, their dad drove them to school. 


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