Sweet Disposition(Completed)

A young girl of 17, hitting 18, named Lydia usually flees from her troubles. One day while making a usual run she decides hitch hike on an unusual street where she is picked up by 3 amazingly good looking guys and goes home with them. She ends up going home with one guy, Niall Horan, and falls in love with him. That car ride changed her life forever.


16. The Cozy Cabin

~A few weeks later~

Lydia's P.O.V


I opposed us moving to the U.K., after all I knew no one there and school would be such a drag without friends. I was going to enroll in the upcoming quarter which was in a few days. I wanted to drop out of high school, but then everyone would consider me a failure. Most of all Niall and I wouldn't be able to spend as much time as we do now. I spend most of my time at his place, just the atmosphere at his house makes me feel so at home. He brought up the idea of living with him but I don't think that I'm prepared to do that just yet. For now we'll just keep it as me sleeping over at his house most times.


Niall's P.O.V


I sat up on the couch and gently kissed her on the forehead as she kept her eyes focused on my movements. I walked into the kitchen and scratched my next thinking what to drink, I haven't drank in a few weeks. So I decided to get some ice tea for Lydia and me. It's been a few weeks since that dreadful event happened, I can't have her leave my side without the feeling of her never coming back into my arms. I placed the the cups down and ran back into the living room springing on top of her.
"Babe, what are doing?!" she yelled in the middle of her laughter
"Lydia," I said starring into her eyes "I love you."
"I love you too." she said caressing my cheek
"I have an idea! How about we go up to my cabin like an hour or so away from here?"
"Really? You even have your own cabin."
"Yeah it's nothing fancy but it's cozy. So whatya think?" I asked giving her puppy eyes
"Hmmm, sounds like a great idea! But what are we going to do up there? Is there like a special event or something?"
"Well," I said smiling at her.
"Oh no." She said and I picked her up throwing her over my shoulder.
"We can stay in the cabin and do this." I said walking up the stairs and into my bedroom.

We packed up and headed to the cabin, it only took us an hour and a half to reach it. We unloaded all our luggage from the cab and walked up to my cozy cabin. Then I felt Lydia punch my arm, "I thought it would be a small cabin!" she exclaimed
"It is small."
"It has 2 floors!" she said with her eyes opened wide. We walked to the front of the cabin and I unlocked the door letting her go in first. I closed the door locking it and dropped my bags on the floor and wrapped my arms around her waist. "This is ours for the days being." I said kissing her neck gently and working my way up her ears and to her shoulders. I felt her body tense up and she dropped her bags on the floor by her feet. I pulled her closer to me and ran my hand on the side of her thigh and then I spun her around to face me. I moved my face closer to hers gently laying my lips on hers, making her push up on her toes to kiss me.

Lydia's P.O.V


We spent a lot of time in the cabin yesterday so today I want to go outside.
"Let's go outside today, yeah?" I asked Niall, who was still laying down in bed.
"Can't we just stay in here the whole day again?" He asked pulling the blanket over his head
"No, let's go outside! I want to do something new today."
"Fine, what time is it?"
"Ummm, about 9:30."
"Okay we'll go at 12."
"Fine I'm going myself." I pouted and slipped one leg out of the bed, just then I felt him wrap his arm around my waist and effortlessly pull me back to him.
"Let go, I'm going outside."
"We'll go out at 10, yeah?" He said kissing my forehead and squeezing me close to him.
"Fine." I said, there was no use trying to fight it. I took the initiative and wrapped my arms around his neck and hopping on top of him sitting on his crotch. I removed his hands from my waist and pinned them over his head, even though he could overpower me he didn't this time.
"So that means we have half an hour?" I asked trying to be seductive
"Wow baby, so unlike you to do this." he said biting his lip
"Shhh, I asked you a question. Answer it."
"Yes we do."
"So what should we do?"
"Maybe if we lose the clothes we can stay in this position."
"Or," I said leaning in closer, "we can go eat breakfast!" Before he could say another word I jumped off of him and ran out the door and down the stairs. All I heard next was "HEY! NOT FAIR!"

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