Sweet Disposition(Completed)

A young girl of 17, hitting 18, named Lydia usually flees from her troubles. One day while making a usual run she decides hitch hike on an unusual street where she is picked up by 3 amazingly good looking guys and goes home with them. She ends up going home with one guy, Niall Horan, and falls in love with him. That car ride changed her life forever.


1. Ride of Life

Lydia's P.O.V


I stood in the road with nothing but jeans, vans, and an old baggy jacket. A ridiculous outfit for this kind of cold weather. I shivered and I stuck my thumb out and watched the car lights pass by and by. There was no sign of a car stopping so i walked a bit more and tried once more, and at last a large black Range Rover stopped in front of me. The tint in the window didn't allow me to see who drove but the back door opened. I hesitated to go and my legs shook as i took a step forward. After finally reaching the open door I peeked inside to see who had opened it and I saw a beautiful blond light skinned boy scooting to the other side of the car. He sat tapping his foot and smiling a brilliant smile at me. The blood rushed to my face and my heart dropped to my stomach as I climbed in. I closed the door carefully and kept my eyes on the window. I dared not to look at the blond boy just a few cm away from me. Suddenly a deep husky voice spoke from the front, "Where to?" he asked. I opened my mouth to say something but words mixed in my mind leaving me speechless. I managed to mumble, "Anywhere." Then he spoke, the gorgeous blond,"How about my house?" he asked. I nodded. I could hear a bit of excitement in his voice. His voice, oh how amazingly attractive it was, a wonderful foreign accent that gave me shivers just hearing. I wanted him to speak more, of anything in the world, it didn't matter of what it was but I just wanted him speak again. I slowly took my eyes off the window and moved my hair out of my face to see him. Our eyes met and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster every second. His smile made my world speed up, but maybe that was the large car speeding away. Soon we were on neighborhood roads and on our way to His house. My eyes wandered around the car, I stared at the boy with the husky voice; his hair was black but there was a blond strip on the side, his eyes were hard and focused on the road. Then in the passenger's seat sat a boy with brownish hair growing, it seems like he had just shaved his head and it was growing out again. And finally there was the gorgeous blond next to me, they were are wonderfully good looking but there was something about the blond one that stood out to me. His face shined every time we passed a street light, he had blond hair and brown at the roots. His facial features amazed me and he was slim but he still had muscles. He turned to look at me and smiled a smile that gave me butterflies and I turned quickly to stare out the window. Looking through the window I tried to relax and think over what i was doing. I thought about jumping out the car, I was in the car with 3 strangers but something inside of me made me stay. A big rush of excitement and uneasiness came over me as the car made an abrupt stop. "We're here." He said, the blond one, and I watched as he jumped out of the car and ran to open my side. My stomach fluttered as he grabbed my hand to help me down. We stood in front of a huge house with two floors covered by trees and bushes. I stood in amazement of it's beauty and froze as the car sped away.  


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