Sweet Disposition(Completed)

A young girl of 17, hitting 18, named Lydia usually flees from her troubles. One day while making a usual run she decides hitch hike on an unusual street where she is picked up by 3 amazingly good looking guys and goes home with them. She ends up going home with one guy, Niall Horan, and falls in love with him. That car ride changed her life forever.


18. One of a Kind

Liam's P.O.V


"We haven't seen Niall in a while." complained Zayn
"Last I heard he went up to his cabin." replied Louis
"Probably with that Lydia girl." muttered Zayn
"You don't like her?" asked Harry
"It's just that she's a complete stranger. We know nothing about her!" exclaimed Zayn clenching his fists
"Niall's a big boy, he knows what he's doing." I replied placing my hand on Zayn's shoulder trying to calm him down a bit.
"But she could just be with him for his money or just to be famous or-"
"Enough Zayn! He knows what he's doing. Just drop it!" Exclaimed Harry, with that Zayn seemed to settle down a bit by closing his eyes and throwing his head back. Zayn does have a point, but Niall's a big boy... he knows what he's doing. And plus the girl seems sweet enough and doesn't seem to have bad intentions.
"We should have a small party!" I blurted out without thinking. They all stared at me blankly.
"What for?" asked Harry
"Ummmm, well to you know invite a few friends and get to know her."
"Sounds like a smashing idea!" exclaimed Louis
"Let's call up Niall then!" said Harry pulling out his phone and phoned Niall before anyone could object.
"Niall! Hey man what's up?"
"Really? Oh you go bro!"
"Oh you know hanging. But listen when you and Lydia coming back?"
"Oh really? Perfect!"
"because we were talking about having a sort of welcome slash get to know everyone for Lydia."
"Thank Liam, it was his idea."
"Alright then! See you tomorrow night!"
"BYEE!" said Harry and turned to us, "So party tomorrow night!"
"Alright! Let's get the stuff!" Said Louis enthusiastically and ran to get his shoes, with Harry following shortly after. Zayn's face stayed as straight as a line.
"Invite Perrie." I said trying to ease the tension, "So she can meet Lydia."
"I guess." he replied and got off the couch and walked to his room without another word.
"I'll call Jon to come a decorate." I mumbled to myself while sitting on the couch alone.


Jon's P.O.V


Maybe I should give Niall a ring and see how the cabin trip is going. No but what if they're in the middle of something! I reached for my phone and suddenly it started ringing. "AHHH!!!" I yelled grabbing onto the stove. I checked and it was Liam, thank God.
"You almost gave me a heart attack!" I yelled
"I'm sorry!" he muttered while laughing
"Alright bitch, talk." I said leaning on the counter and looking at my nails
"So we're making a welcome slash get to know everybody party for Lydia and-"
"ON IT! Decor I got it baby!"
"Oh you are one of a kind Jon!"
"Psh! I know, don't hate cus I'm beautiful!" I said snapping and I could hear Liam burst into laughter.
"Thanks bro! I owe you one!"
"Oh you owe me you life by now!" I exclaimed laughing
"Alright so can I count on you to have everything done by ummm tomorrow?"
"Yeah, PLEASE!"
"Okay first you ask me to track her down and now to have a party done by tomorrow?! Oooo child! You lucky I canceled my plans for tomorrow!" 
"Mmhm! You really do owe me now! Well I'll see what I can do! Kiss kiss! Bye." I said hanging up and tapping my foot. The things I do for this guy! HONESTLY! Now I need to go shopping! Well, that's not such a bad idea. Liam needs to redecorate his place anyways! Yay! SHOPPING!  I walked over to the living room picking up the keys.
"Where you going?" asked Jorge
"Shopping!" I replied
"Can I come?"
"No! I'm not even shopping for me."
"Who is it for then?" asked Jorge suspiciously
"It's for a party"
"I can help!"
"You can't come with me!"
"Are you going to shop for an outfit?"
"Yeah probably, why?"
"You should try Sears!" screamed Jorge sticking his tongue out.
"Bitch please, don't hate just cus I'm beautiful." I replied walking out the door. Shit, I hope he doesn't find out the party is for Lydia. I just need to keep this on the down low for now.


Jorge's P.O.V


Hmmmm... who is this party exactly for? I need to make some calls, he can't hide anything from ME!

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