Sweet Disposition(Completed)

A young girl of 17, hitting 18, named Lydia usually flees from her troubles. One day while making a usual run she decides hitch hike on an unusual street where she is picked up by 3 amazingly good looking guys and goes home with them. She ends up going home with one guy, Niall Horan, and falls in love with him. That car ride changed her life forever.


23. Late

Lydia's P.O.V


We spent about 4 hours doing pure shopping, the only thing that came out of Jon's mouth was "This is perfect!" and then we were in front of the cashier wallet out and money forward. We walked out of every store with at last 2 bags full of clothes, shoes, or anything else; he was wasting too much money on me.
"Jon I'll pay you back as soon as I get a job!" I exclaimed as we packed everything into the car.
"Pay back what?" He asked confused
"For all of this clothes and make-up and shoes an-"
"Oh shut up, it's a gift from me to you!"
"But it's too much Jon! Honestly!"
"No it's not! We didn't go to my stores so it doesn't matter to me!" He said smiling at me as he turned on the car.
"But Jon-" I began
"No butts! It's a gift, from one bestie to another." He said giving me a wink, there was no use fighting back; he said we were best friends. We sat in silence as the radio played on and on, in every once in a while we would laugh at how Jon turned up the volume and screamed "This is my JAM!". We soon arrived at a familiar house and he stopped the car to just stare at me.
"Why are we here?" I asked
"You said you wanted to see him."
"But why are we at Liam's house."
"He's been here for a while."
"What is this? 21 Questions?! Let's go!" He said jumping out his car and running to the my side dragging me out. We walked in silence up the driveway and up the stairs. He got his keys and unlocked the front door bursting in screaming "Party's here!". I walked in shortly after to see Liam playing games with Louis and Harry on his laptop. Jon walked over to to Harry chatting a bit quietly and then he nodded towards the stairs. I walked over to Harry who stood up to give me a hug.
"How've you been?" asked Harry
"Oh you know, here and there!" I answered
"He's upstairs." interrupted Jon and Harry shrugged his shoulders and sat back down. I just nodded and proceeded upstairs, taking slow and quiet steps up until I reached the top. I stopped walking to the sound of a guitar, I walked closer to find which room it came from. I stood next to the slightly opened door and peeked through to see Niall sitting on the bed with his Gibson at hand. He was fiddling with it and playing the cliche Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes making me giggle.
"Seven Nation Army." I said as I pushed the door open and stepped in.
"Lydia." He said in shock
"Hey." I replied giving him a small smile.
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm here to be with you and no one can keep me away from you." I closed the door behind me and locked it.
"Babe it's too much of a risk!" He exclaimed
"I'm a big girl! I know what I'm getting myself into." I said walking over to him and slipping my sweater along with my shirt off.
"I don't want you to get hurt!" He said putting his guitar down and standing up. I walked closer and pressed my body on his wrapping my arms around his neck.
"It's okay, I know what I'm doing." I said pushing him down and onto the bed. I pressed my lips on his and pulled off his shirt. I'm going to reassure him that I can handle this.
The next morning I woke up in his arms but I checked the time and I saw that I only had a few minutes before I would be late for school. I jumped off of the bed and stormed into the bathroom to fix my hair and my face a bit. Niall came running in a bit after, worried.
"What's wrong?!" He asked
"I have school!" I yelled and I noticed that I was wearing the same clothes.
"Damn it!" I yelled and ran out of the bathroom.
"What's wrong now?" He yelled
"I still have the same clothes!" 
"I knew that, so here." said Jon walking into the room in pj's. I examined the clothes but I had no chance to argue and quickly changed not minding the fact that they were both in the room with me. I paused and searched the room for my bag noticing that Niall was getting dressed as well.
"What are you doing?" I asked
"I'm going to drive you to school." He said smiling at me, it was such a sweet gesture and without hesitation I nodded and we ran out of the house within minutes. This was such an amazing feeling, having my boyfriend drop me off but such a drag to leave him. We jumped into Jon's car and sped away to the school, when we got there it was all empty except for some staff walking around.
"Damn, I'm late." I said sighing
"It's okay I'll just get you a pass." He said getting out of the car.
"What? How?!" I asked
"Trust me!" He said and we walked hand in hand to the main office.
"Oh bloody hell." was all I heard as we walked through the door.
"Hello Love." said Niall walking up to the counter.
"Niall Horan. Haven't seen you in a while!" said the front lady at the desk
"I know Jess, what's it been? A year or two?" he said
"A year or too short! What do you want now?" she said tapping her pen on the counter
"This is my lovely Lydia, and she's late. I wanted to know if you got a spare pass on you." He said winking at her. She looked at me and then back at him letting out a sigh.
"Very well, here." She said writing a slip up and placing it on the counter, "you owe me." She said and returned to her own desk.
"Thank you Love." He said grabbing it and walking out of the office pulling me behind him.
"What was that?" I asked surprised
"An old friend." He said winking at me, "now have a wonderful day at school babe and I'll be here to pick you up at that exact spot."
"You don't have to." I said hugging him tightly
"I can't have my girlfriend walk home!" He said looking into my eyes and smiling, I leaned up and pressed my lips against his gently. He picked me off the ground and kissed me roughly then placed me back on the floor. I watched as he walked off seeing him walk through the doors into the sunlight and then disappear.


Robert's P.O.V


I walked out of the office from the student council meeting and saw Lydia standing in the middle of the hall.
"Hey stranger!" I yelled running to her and she turned around a bit surprised.
"Hey." She said smiling
"What are you doing out here?"
"Oh umm nothing just going to class."
"Then let's go!" I said putting my arm around her shoulder and walking down the hall.


Niall's P.O.V


I stopped before the car and remember that I forgot to tell her I loved her. I quickly ran back to the front entrance and ran in to see some other guy's arm over her. I stopped and froze feeling my body shake with anger and frustration, I wanted to run up and rip his arm off her. She is and will always be MINE.

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