Sweet Disposition(Completed)

A young girl of 17, hitting 18, named Lydia usually flees from her troubles. One day while making a usual run she decides hitch hike on an unusual street where she is picked up by 3 amazingly good looking guys and goes home with them. She ends up going home with one guy, Niall Horan, and falls in love with him. That car ride changed her life forever.


5. Background Stories

Niall's P.O.V


I squeezed her tightly holding on till she was off the ground and in the air. I placed her down and she laughed biting her lip slightly. "Tea is ready!" I exclaimed and danced over to the stove pouring the hot water into 2 cups. I then flipped the bacon and toast cracking some eggs unto the skillet hearing the sizzle and frying. "Do you need help with that?" She asked with a lovely smile. "Of course! You can grab some plates from the cabinets and rise them please." She walked towards the cabinets reaching up, I couldn't help but look at her bottom and body as her curves showed much more. She then tiptoed toward the sink grabbing the plates gently. "So how did you sleep?" I asked with a smirk on my face. "Ummmm good." She said turning a bit red from the cheeks. "Foods done!" I exclaimed and we sat down at the table. "So where are you from?" I asked trying to start some small talk. "California." she replied. "Wow! You far from home!"
"Actually we just moved her a few weeks ago."
"Oh really? Who is this we?"
"My uncle and aunt and me."
"How interesting? How old are you?"
"17, I my turning 18 on the 14th."
"Oh really? I just turned 19 in September!"
"That's cool." She said and then there was silence, "I should go soon."
"WHY?" I practically screamed
"I know how this works." She said looking down at the egg poking it in the same spot until the yoke popped.
"But it's not like that. I enjoy your company." I said with a bit of plead in it. She looked up at me and her cheeks began to turn red. When she looked up I gave her one of my killer smiles and then I knew she'd stay.


Lydia's P.O.V


There was some about him that seemed as if when he said that that he actually meant it. I couldn't look at him any longer, I kept on blushing. I couldn't help but try to open my heart up to this guy, he had something that kept me there. "So enough talking about me? Your background story now." I said leaning back on my chair and crossing my arms. "Alright!" he said leaning back and also crossing his arms, "My name is Niall James Horan and I was born in Mullingar, County Westmeath, Republic of Ireland to Bobby Horan and Maura Gallagher. I have an older brother named Greg and a weakness for brunnetts." He stared right at me and let out a chuckle.
"So you're 19 right?"
"Yes I am!"
"Why are you living by yourself?"
"Well, my parents have been divorced since I was 5. And I just want to be a little isolated at times. Don't get me wrong I love my family but I enjoy having my own time and space."
"So your parents are okay with you living by yourself and bringing random girls home?" I couldn't help but laugh when I said that.
"Well I work over here and pay for this myself so I guess they have no choice but let me."
"You work over here? What do you do?" I asked curiously. I mean he's 19 and has a job that pays for this huge house. What does he do? Is he a drug dealer or a pimp?!
"I'm in a band called One Direction! I play an instrument with 6 strings and sing."
"One Direction?"
"Yeah! You know, baby you light up my world light nobody else!"
"No I haven't heard of you guys, are you big?"
"Well in a way yes, and in another way yes I am big." He said with a smirk, "How do you feel now?" He was now standing up and walking to my side of the table. "I feel plenty better now." I said nervously, turning myself to face him. He leaned close to my face and looked straight into my eyes making my face feel like it was on fire. "Good, you'll be okay for round two!" He exclaimed lifting me off on my chair and throwing me on his shoulders. He held my bottom and walked over the the couches where round two began.

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