Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal LIfe.



1. Prologue

It was quiet. Well I guess it was always quiet for me.  I’m deaf. Oh yeah, lost my sense of smell too.  I can only taste, touch, and see.

    In my case this is a good thing. All my lost senses enhances my touch and sight. Touch the most. I am a healer, I can feel injuries. Everyone calls me the healer. My real name you might ask, Noah. No last name or middle, just Noah.

    My parents raised me in the water. When I say in the water I actually mean in it. I can breath underwater. The reason being, scientist parents. There were some complications, like the two senses missing, but all and all I’m in tip top shape.

    I ran away one day because my parents (Bill and Molly) turned evil. Now they are working with a company called Xeon. Xeon experiments on babies to evolve them. Poor kids. I’ve rescued some. Now we are a family. Zoey, Cliff, Maggie, and Dill. Maggie and Dill are the only ones related.

    Zoey is the leader, she is seventeen. Zoey is sort of like a mom. She has super light brown hair and beautiful green eyes.

    Then Cliff, who is also seventeen. He can cook, like crazy good. Cliff is the most sensitive out of all of us. He has light red hair and blue eyes with olive skin.

    Me next, I’m fourteen. I gave you my back story.

    Maggie and Dill are complete twins. Both ten and super cute when together.

    Yes we all can breath underwater. Just some useful information you can use for the future.
    As always as mornings go in our house in Jersey, Cliff with his red hair in the kitchen, Zoey getting the little ones ready. Me you might ask, just being deaf on the couch. Useless, made only for healing. Actually that is the only reason my parents “made” me. They never wanted children, heck they don’t even love me.

    Well I guess it’s time to start the story.

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