Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal LIfe.



7. Chapter 6.

Back at the house.

"Cliff it's not funny!" Zoey wined

Cliff was cracking up on the couch while Zoey paced around the room.

"You..your..hair..it's just..so..so.. PINK!" Cliff said in-between laughs "Its.. ha..hard..not..to laugh"

"Oh, when Noah gets back he is going to have a rude awakening" snarled Zoey.

"Hey, you go do that, while I watch TV"-Cliff

Cliff grabbed the remote and and turned up the volume. 

Zoey had anger and revenge rushing threw her veins. A horrible sound caught her throat.

"Think twice, Noah, before I rip your head off next time" Zoey said to no one in particular.

Cliff slowly and quietly got off the couch.  He started to back away into the other room Zoey saw this.

"OH! Your not going anywhere!" Zoey said "Your coming with me!"

"No I'm not!" replied Cliff.

Cliff is not really into the whole conflicty stuff, unlike me. He's like the guy version of Mother Teresa but doesn't really do anything about it. As always when he doesn't want to get into something like this, he jumped off the porch and into the lake. Zoey followed him with her feet stomping like a savage beast. I could feel the vibrations from the water. She jumped in after Cliff. 

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