Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal LIfe.



6. Chapter 5.

"NOAH!!!" Zoey screamed in my face.

I was in the door way that lead to the living room. My hands were on the wood frames. Zoey was in front of me in a white towel from coming out of the shower. 

"What?" I said with pure pleasure in my voice "Do you not like the pink?"

Yes, I did say pink. Remember that neon pink I was talking about? Well lets just say it's in her hair. A little pink die in her shampoo and bam! Pink hair. You may insert a very pleased face here.

She gave me a sarcastic smile and said "Why? How? Im going to--"

Thats all I saw, I filled in give you a cake because I'm funny like that. I ran out of the door way, into the kitchen, and out onto the porch where Maggie and Dill were already waiting for me. I nodded my head and we all jumped into the lake. We were ready to find answers.

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