Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal LIfe.



5. Chapter 4.

I looked at the point where the explosion happened. Just water, lots and lots of clear water. Nothing that could set off what happened. No trip wire, laser beams, or even censers. What could have caused it? I guess I'll find out later. I swam up and jumped out of the water, landing not so gracefully on the porch. My head was down and I saw a pair of feet. Actually three pairs of feet.

"Where did the three of you go?" questioned, you guessed it, control freak Zoey.

"Um just out.." replied Dill.

"What was that noise, did you make another grenade to blow something up again?" said Zoey with a snide tone.

"That wasn't us!" I yelled "Theres something in the water and we are going to find out what!" 

"No your not," Zoey said with a motherly voice, "All of you are going to take a shower"

"Awww" Maggie and Dill said.

"Ten bucks to get us in the shower," I said slyly "Each."

"Five" negotiated Zoey

"Four" said Dill

"Shut up!" Maggie said

"Thanks a lot, Dill" I followed 

"What? Sorry.." Dill said innocently 

Zoey handed each of us four lousy bucks. I was sort of bummed because no weapon making and only four bucks instead of the usual eight. Now I can't buy eight sugar sticks but only four now. thats only enough for two hours of energy! Everything got cut off because of Dill.

I reluctantly hopped into the shower thinking about all the other children that my parents experimented on. I put my shampoo and conditioner in my hair. 

I got out and looked in the foggy mirror. I rubbed the moister off in circles. I could see my gills. They looked like three thin slits in my skin from a knife. I sighed and rubbed my towel on my head to dry my hair, and it finally got dry. It was a dark brown with a bit of lighter streaks. My hair covered my barely visible gills. My blue gray eyes made me feel blind.

I shook my head trying to get those thoughts out of my head. Time to plan my revenge on Zoey. Mwahahaha! What was Zoey's least favorite color again? Neon pink. Oh this is going to get a little exciting. 


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