Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal LIfe.



4. Chapter 3.

“Is everyone okay?” I asked as I tried to pry myself from the now wet grass.

    I hate it when the loose grass shreds stick to you. Yuck bugs do their business on them.

    “Sort of, I got a few scrapes and bruises here and there.” replied Maggie.

    “Me too.” said Dill.

    “Alrighty then hop back in and check out what happened, but first,” I said with a devilish smile, “we get some tools.”

    Dill and Maggie copied the same face of mine. They looked at each other with a combination of happiness and the little devil child they can be.

    We all knew what we were thinking. Make some, I don’t know……. Weapons, and use them just in case we someone to talk.

    I jumped back in the water followed by Maggie then Dill. I told Dill and Maggie to go ahead. I wanted to take one last look at what happened.

    I went to go hold my breathe but realized I didn’t have to because of my gills. You would think I would get used to something like this, yet it surprises me each day.

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