Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal LIfe.



3. Chapter 2.

    Dill came out with his black hair in a Mohawk leaving enough hair down so no one could not see his barley visible gills. He was wearing his usual basketball shorts and shirt. They are just so damn cute!

    “Are you ready to do a freefall?” asked Dill.

    “Heck yeah!” exclaimed Maggie and I.

    All three of us freefell into the lake from our hundred foot tall house. How do we get up you might ask? The five of us jump out of the water like fish. Yes, I get the irony. Get your laughs out now.

    “The waters dark today.” I said.
    “Yeah.” replied Maggie.

    “We should have brought our new flashlights we made.” Dill added.

    We swam in unison deeper into the water. It got darker and darker as I swam down with the twins.

    BOOM!!!! It felt as if an explosion happened. I got pushed out of the water by the blast.

    The feeling was like flying, time almost slowed. I looked up and saw Maggie above Dill in the air. When I looked down time sped up. Next thing I knew, all I saw was green grass.

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