Healing, Gills, Xeon, Just Normal LIfe.



2. Chapter 1.

“Cliff come here” I saw Zoey say.

    “What do you want? What’s wrong, is everyone okay?” asked Cliff frantically.

    “Nothing don’t worry I was just wondering if you could spend a little more time with…” Zoey’s eyes shifted over to me.

    I tried to look like I didn’t see that, unsuccessfully. ( I can read lips if you were wondering not into the whole signing thingy.) I guess being the only fourteen year old, things to get a little boring. Sometimes.

    They walked into the other room so I could not see what they were saying. That is just so rude. Jeez I need to put up cameras to spy. I guess I should save that for later.

    “Hi Noah, can we go explore in the lake?” asked Maggie with her adorable mini tutu. She had her hair in pony tails, what a surprise. They almost looked like black silky waterfalls flowing down her head.

    Maggie’s face was your cutest but worst nightmare, when she wanted something badly. Trust me I know.

    “Yeah, sure does Zoey know we’re leaving?”
    “No but I think it would be okay”

    “I don’t know, I think we should tell her.”

    We both busted out laughing, like we would tell Zoey.

    “Ok just go get Dill and sneak out the back.”
    “I’m on it.”

    I know, I know not the best choice, but Maggie and Dill are the only ones who really hang out with me. Enough with that.

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