tic toc (parody)

a song about summer with my friends


1. tic toc (parody)

 tic toc [remix]                              

wake up in the morn'in and we go outside

we beat our friends at games and gain lots of pride

we call SP and KN and TB too

and the fun never stops till were completely through

we're play'in Monopoly ly
KN runs a school for pee pee
we listen to iPods mp3s 3s
dun dun dun
we always do our best best
the sun goes east to west west
we never even rest rest rest rest res
SP gets hurt
we see a lot of birds
TB saying really BIG words
we climb trees
we all sneeze
we all get scraped knees
P usually wins 
before we begin
but he is SP's kin oh
oh oh oh oooh
oh oh oh oooh
we throw a knive at a beehive

now we're runn'in for our lives oh
bee alert bee alert bee alert
bee alert bee alert bee alert
at the end of the day
we go away 

but tomarrows a new day oh 
we do it again again and again

again again and again



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