Dancing In The Evening

Dancing In The Evening with the one you love while the shadows play on the wall.


1. Dancing In The Evening

While shadows dance on the wall

Fireplace all aglow

While our soul is on fire

Our memory is strong


The skies are dark like velvet

Grass is green with a satin look

I feel the breeze blowing on my skin

While flowers bloom and smell so sweet


Watch the trees sway

While the leaves fall softly to the ground

I softly tiptoe to your room

While I slowly move


You look at me

As I turn to you

We are so happy with smiles of good cheer

While swaying in the breeze


You lean me backk

And kiss me light

It is like dancing on the ceiling

Take your steps with me


As we look out the window

The window of our soul

We feel passion like fire

Our  kiss of desire


While our heats beat together

We stay together and play

Our world is on fire

Dancing in the evening

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