3. Three


 Did this girl just "plan" a cheating session with me on her boyfriend?  What I have learned in life is that every female will manipulate to get what they want.  Brittany at this movement is lying about the first time cheating on her boyfriend so she can get her world rocked like melm. In this situation I have three options: A) Call her out and tell her she is full of shit.   B) Try to be the nice guy and do the morally right thing by telling her that we shouldn't sleep together because she has a boyfriend at home who is in madly in love with her. or C) Just do like I have been doing and go along with the warped way this cuckoo thinks.  I can act like I really care about her and that way I can fuck her like she stole my fifth grade lunch money.  Ye - p you guessed it,  I went with choice C.           Next,we end up passionately kissing and she is ripping my clothes off as I'm ripping hers off.  It was somewhat of a steamy love scene like in the skin flick films. Somewhere between late night Cinemax and hardcore porn.  Our love scene goes back and forth like a tennis match at Wimbledon.  She is kissing my top lip, I'm kissing her bottom lip.  She is feeling over my chest like cardiologist, I'm rubbing her breasts like a perverted masseuse.  She unzips my pants, I unbutton her pants.  I reach for her York Peppermint Pattie, she pulls out Mr. Goodbar.  She can no longer take the back and forth banter in this tennis match and begs for me to satisfy her needs.  Brittany anxiously hands me condom. I gladly put my raincoat on like a Seattle, Washington resident cause this is about to be a wet storm.           I have now reached my destination and it is everything I had thought it was and more.  I was finally in the cookie jar.  After a few strokes and after getting done with my warm up lap, I hear man’s most dreaded word in the English language:   Brittany: " Stop!"  
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