1. One


Brittany and I had been seeing each other for a few months now. Brittany is a woman who thinks she is better than everyone else because she has certain moral standards.  Brittany is the type of girl that loves sex but at the same time is worried about getting her “numbers up”.  Meaning that when she gets married she wants she wants to be able to count on one hand the amount of men that have pounded her porridge. We met in the book store of all places and at the time she had a boyfriend.         Shegave me her number and I asked her out but told me that she could not go on a“date” with me but would be willing to go to lunch anytime I wanted.  It was the same thing, only she could not putthe word “date” on whatever it was we were doing because she didn't want to disrespect her boyfriend.   Morals are kind of like religion, people usethem when it’s convenient in order to feel good about themselves.          I wined and dined her and told her how much fun I had hanging out with her.  I was basically being a sucker for love.  You know all the pathetic things men try to do to get that one piece of ass.  As for myself, I am competitive so I continue to try until I have I have another notch under my belt.  In the past I have been patient enough to wait for months for a woman to let me enter into her fountain of love.  Patience is like a hungry dog without a leash, he will usually always get the pussy in front of him.  
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