1. Tonya


For reasons that you could care less about, I had been living in a van in Boise, Idaho with my friends Andrew and Joseph. It wasn't the most ideal situation, but it kept us alive.   We regularly took showers at Tonya’s house, and often joined in on whatever party might be taking place there.   Tonya was Andrew’s sister, and had always hated me, and she made no secret of it. She’d answer the door and say something like, “Oh, hey Andrew! Hey Joseph! Oh…you brought your friend…” Her reasoning behind her hatred made absolutely no sense, but that’s another story.   Tonya was also incredibly hot. She worked at a place called Busters – which was exactly like Hooters, except that the girls wore skirts instead of shorts and got extremely agitated with you if you happened to mention that the place was like Hooters. These girls often came to Tonya’s parties and so, obviously, we’d show up any time that we could come up with an excuse to do so.   On one particular night, the house was all but full. I immediately noticed a change in Tonya’s demeanour as soon as she opened the door; she said “hi” to me…and even smiled…with full eye contact. And for the entire evening I noticed a strange coincidence with the fact that every single time I stepped out to smoke, Tonya happened to be right behind me.   It didn't take me too long to fit the puzzle pieces together and I began flirting, but only casually, as I didn't really even expect that her polite conversation with me would continue for too much longer.
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