5. Again


We shared a cigarette with nothing more than contented sighs to break the silence, and then began getting dressed.

“Oh, fuck!” I yelled in the midst of a sudden, frantic search through the blankets.

“What? What is it? The condom didn’t break or something did it?”

“No! What?!” I stopped and looked at her with that horrible thought seeping into my brain. “Oh! God, no! I just lost it. Your brother sleeps here. I don’t want him to wake up with our used condom stuck to him or something.”

After a crazed twenty-minute search we finally found it lying on the asphalt outside, neither of us having remembered me throwing it out. Fucking mood-killers.

We went back to her place and crawled into her bed. We had sex once more that night, passed out, and then once more in the morning.

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