Nice To Meet You

A 18 year old girl named Nicole is going to college and is studying Music.There's a boy named Liam from 1D going to visit his friend.. Liam and Nicole then meet...


9. Waking up

Nicoles POV
"Where am I?" I say waking up my vision blurry. I turned my head to see Eleanor sleeping while Liam was sleeeping on the floor. I crept out of bed and shook Eleanor."Shh" I said to her. Liam wa starting to stir. I quickly giggled and jumped back in bed. Before I shut my eyes I saw Eleanor roll her eyes at me. " I she up?" Liam said. "Errr.. not yet.." Eleanor said putting a hand on me. I simply pushed it off as if I was still sleeping. "Harry just texted me, I have to go.. Please tell Niole that I love her and that I'm sorry and she HAS to text me when she wakes up" He said I could hear him getting up. "Will do Liam!" Eleanor said scooting him out, while I opened my eyes.

Eleanors POV

"Okay he's gone" I say shutting the door and sittig down. "I feel wonderful! Lets go shopping tomorrow is Liams birthday!"Nicole said jumping up and down on the bed. "Whoah Nicole!!! Stop jumping! Calm down! And no we cant! My mum looked at you and she said you have to rest for the day"I say sternly. "What a pooper" I heard her mumble and she plopped herself on my bed. "Can we go to starbucks or something?" she whined.
"pLease I cant sit here all day".
"Well you might have to". She kept whining and beggging so i finally gave in. "God NICOLE! FINE! Get dressed"I say whispering yelling in a jokingly friend way. She clapped her hands like a kid. Nicole is really different she's not like herself.

Liams POV

Eleanor just texted me and said " Were going out for starbucks. Nicole is acting different she's crazzy and she's acting like a kid! I'm stressed out Liam. Get your butt over at the starbucks now!". Eleanor seemed pretty mad. So I told the lads I was taking a 30 minute break and they OK. I got in the car and drove 25 minutes. I pulled into starbucks and saw Eleanor and Nicole being bombarded with questions from the pap.
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