Nice To Meet You

A 18 year old girl named Nicole is going to college and is studying Music.There's a boy named Liam from 1D going to visit his friend.. Liam and Nicole then meet...


3. The Coffee Shop

Nicole POV After 2 hours in the car from WolverHampton,Englan to Iowa. Yes I speak british. I decided to make a quick pit stop and go to the bathroom and get some Coffee in the StarBucks. I park the car and walk into the shop I go to the bathroom first. Once I'm done I wait in line for some coffee. I notice 5 guys in line behind me. There was only 2 employees there and one person in front of me and 5 guys. Finally my turn. "Hi i'd like a chocolate mocha please?" I say in a sweet voice. "Sure anything else?" The employee asked. " hmmm I shouldn't but I guess I will have a chocolate chip muffin!" I say in a childish voice. "Okay coming up. And good luck!" The employee said. " Umm?" I say confused. "Your pin on your shirt says ' Im going to college today!'" Employee said. I mouthed an 'O'. I turned around and saw my car being jacked. I run out the door but I'm too late.All of my thingsare scatted in the lot. I run back inside and grab my muffin and mocha, I turned around and one of the 5 guys tripped me. I fell hard to the floor. I layed there on my back with coffee on my shirt. " Hey!!! This is my favorite shirt!" I said getting up. "I'm so sorry!" The man said with a strong british accent. " Great! This is the worst day ever! Now how can I go to Iowa!" I said running out. I start picking up all my stuff,when I notice the guy who had accidentally tripped me was helping me. "What are you doing?"Nicole said walking over to him. " Helping you.And I'm sorry I'll buy you another coffee" he said shyly. " Oh um I'm Nicole"I say putting my hand out. "Hello Nicole,I'm Liam" he said as shook hands. He had the deepest brown eyes ever.
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