Nice To Meet You

A 18 year old girl named Nicole is going to college and is studying Music.There's a boy named Liam from 1D going to visit his friend.. Liam and Nicole then meet...


10. I love her?

Liams POV

I shut the car door."LIAM PAYNE HAS ARRIVED TO THE SCENE"Screamed a reporter to antother reporter."OMG NO FREAKIN, THANKS FOR THE OBVIOUS"Nicole screamed at them.I laughed at her comment."Liam!?"Eleanor yelled."Coming"I yelled back. I shouldered my way through the reporters.I saw Nicole.She looked exhausted."Hey reporters. I'll answer the questions just leave them alone."I say looking at Nicole. She looked at me and smiled."Liam? Are you still dating Danielle Peazer?". I shook my head no. "Are Eleanor and Louis doing good?". I looked at El. She shook her head yes."Are you and Eleanor dating?". "NO!" I yelled. Why would they think that? "Are you and Nicole dating?". "Umm"I stood there, like an idiot. All of a sudden a tiny hand filled my big hand with warmth."Yes"Nicole answered them.
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