Nice To Meet You

A 18 year old girl named Nicole is going to college and is studying Music.There's a boy named Liam from 1D going to visit his friend.. Liam and Nicole then meet...


5. Explain?

Liams POV I didnt want to tell Nicole that I was famous, first I wanna see what happens to our relationship. "Well?" she said waiting. How would I answer that!? "Our mum works for this band and she has to go to a signing,so were going with her" Niall said behind. "Yeah so you could come buut uh um stay in the car so the pap doesnt suspect anything, because its a boyband"Zayn pointed out. I shot Niall and Zayn a 'great loook. Theey just rolled their eyes. Nicoles POV Wow they are such bad liars! They think a girl like me cant notice! Maybe I should play along... I guess I wil, I love tricking people. Im gnna make this harder for them, I want them to tell me the truth. Ohh so your brothers?
" I said nonchantly. " No love! Were friends! Harrys mum is taking us to meet the boyband" A guy had said. Liams POV "Nicole? Do you know who we are?" I said curiously. She looked confused. "Umm no should I?" she says in a cute british accent. "Oh well thats Niall" I pointed to the blonde. "Thats Louis"I pointed to the one walking over to his girlfriend. "thats Harry" I said pointing to the curly haired one. "Thats Zayn" i said lastly. "The girl who Lou just walked to is Eleanor, his girlfriend. "Yeah I know her, shes been my friend sincce hmm 8th grade."Nicole said. My jaw dropped. She didnt know about 1D but she knew about El? Nicoles POV OMG EL IS ACTUALLYY HERE!! "El im soo happy you made it!! Did you get my text?" I said running over to her,and hugging her. "Yes! Are you okay?" she said lettiing go of me and pointing to the boys. ( Okay I know Payzer just got back together, dont hate) xx
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