Nice To Meet You

A 18 year old girl named Nicole is going to college and is studying Music.There's a boy named Liam from 1D going to visit his friend.. Liam and Nicole then meet...


6. Eleanor and the lads.

Nicoles POV

 " Yes it's just these people jacked me car, and threw out all of my stuff" I whined to El." Agh, Nicole I hate it when you whine" She replied to me." Uh-oh" Niall said pointing to people on the streets. They had cameras and were looking in every single store." Hide!" El whisper screamed, to the lads." They all ran into the nearest bushes.I laughed so hard because I heard Niall, I think, whispering to Louis.He said " Eww,get thing out of my face!". I kept laughing, but Eleanor soon shut me up.

 Eleanors POV

   "Nicole c'mon we have to hide with them!" I said dragging her to where the lads hid. " Nooo I'm not going in the dark, with the boys!" she whisper screamed." Yes you are!" I said, dragging her with all my might. I finally pushed Nicole into the bushes.

 Liams POV

   When I heard El pushing Nicole into the bushes, I tried to make way but Zayn wouldn't move, so Nicole landed right on my lap. " I'm so sorry, Liam" she quitely whispered to me. "El pushed me,and-"I interrupted her. " It's fine, really"I say pushing her hair out of her face. " I can't move my ankle" She quitely whined. I didn't push her off my lap, to tell you the truth, I wanted to stay like this."Can you feel it?" I asked her. "No" she quitely whined,again.I put her on my lap even more.She quickly glanced at my face and pecked me on the lips. " EWWWWW!" Everyone said besides Nicole and I. Nicole rolled her eyes and pecked me on the lips,again. " It's not digusting.. Zayn? You and Perrie kiss more, Lou and El, you guys are kissing right now, and Harry and Niall, welll I have no clue." She said whisper laughing. I love how Nicole doesn't care.

 Nicoles POV

 I was pecking Liam on the lips, because I was bored and my ankle hurt and for some odd reason whenever I pecked his lips the pain in my ankle, went away. I wanted to kiss Liam more but I don't think Liam feels the same way, so I stopped pecking him on the lips. He made a pout face when I tried to get off his lap he pretended to cry when I stopped pecking his lips. " No come back" Liam pouted. " Okay" I said pulling myself back on Liams lap."Please.. more..kisses?" he whispered in my ear. I giggled and nodded my head yes. Him and I started actually kissing and everyone closed their eyes or covered them. I silently thanked Eleanor, for pushing me.


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