Nice To Meet You

A 18 year old girl named Nicole is going to college and is studying Music.There's a boy named Liam from 1D going to visit his friend.. Liam and Nicole then meet...


7. Bush and Papparazi Trouble

*Nicoles POV*

 Thank you so much,El, I was dying inside as I kissed Liam James Payne. Err yes I know his full name. I finally pulled away. Once I did, I could tell Liams face was red. I slid off his lap and crawled over to El and Louis. " El can I talk to you" I whispered in her ear. "Umm, theres really no where else to talk but okay sure" She says getting of of Lou's lap.Her and I crawled away from the lads. "I'm not sure I should've done that" I say whispering to El, about Liam."Ohh calm down, he liked it!" she whispered screamed." Just look at him" She said pointing at Liam. Liam was completely dazed, his head was spinning.Niall and Harry were trying to snap him out of it. " Err okay" I say unsure. "Nicole??? It's fine he loves-" El didnt finish her sentence, because we heard people near us. " Shit" I heard Louis mumble under his breath." Crap, they found us" El whispered to me." C'mon guys lets just give up" Zayn said crawling out of the bush. I crawled after Zayn and as soon as I saw the sun and THOUSAND cameras started to flash on me and Zayn. " What were you two doing in there?" The reporter asked. "Nothing" I replied hastly.Then Liam,Harry,Niall,Lou,El came out. More cameras started to flash. Liam walked over to me and guided me over to his car. " My stuff" I whined, turning around. " I'll get you more" He said pushing me into the car." I opened the car door. " My phone" I said to myself. I ran back into the bushes and started to search for it, it may be dead, but I still need it! "Liam!? Who is that girl!?"I heard a reporter ask Liam who was following me." My friend" I heard him reply back." Whats her name?" Another reporter asked." Nicole"He said crawling into the bushes."Hey" I said crawling over to him. " Hello" He said smiling.

Liams POV

"S-sorry about earlier" she said stuttering." I dont mind" I say smirking. She blushed." I actually enjoyed the kiss" I say looking into her eyes." Thanks" she said giving me a big smile. I looked at the ground and she was fidgeting." Maybe you could..." I say unsure." Of course" she says. I leaned in and we sat there and kissed.All of a sudden their was a flash and a reporter had caught Nicole and I kissing.She automatically let go.I crawled out to see that everyone was waiting in the car." Cmon Nicole" I say to her, while shes still in the bushes."No" she whimperped.I really didnt want to go back in there, my back is stinging from all of the cuts."I'm staying here" I heard her crying." No, I'm not leaving you, come with me please" I say in a stern voice." Noo today wsa the worst day of my life, besides the kiss" I heard her crying and laughing. I laughed too." I'm sorry,I'll buy you more I promise" I say to the bush." Liam? I need complete outfits, you dont have the money to do that" She says in an obvious tone."Yes he does sweetheart! Hes Liam, from One Direction the biggest boyband!" A reporter told her. I opened my eyes wide and gave the reporter and ' REALLY!?' look." Liam, you lied to me!" I heard her yell at me.

Nicoles POV

I knew he was lying to me but I didnt he was in One Direction! " How could" I started to cry even more, for a reason." I-i-i-" He stuttered. " You lied to me! I thought you were different! but I guesss you werent" I crawled out of the bush and started running. I randomly looked behind me and their was Liam, chasing me. " Go away" I screamed behind me, I ran faster. I dont care where I end up, I just want to me away from everyone, besides El.

Liams POV

The words Nicole screamed at me stung me.I felt the pain well up in me. She crawled out of the bush and started to run. I ran after her and heard her scream to me 'Go away'. " Never I love you, and I just met you! I dont care, I know your differernt!" I yelled back at her. I looked behind me and say reporters chasing me and her.I felt energy surge through me when I saw them, I started to run faster.

Nicoles POV

I need to stop. I cant breathe.But Liam he will catch me. Hes too fast.After that, I tripped over a garbage can and all of a sudden eveything went pitch black.


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