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Nellie King is your normal 18 soon to be 19 normal young adult. Besides her mysterious scare that behind her left calf that only Louis knows about. Also her cousin Louis happens to be Louis Tomlinson one of the members of One Direction. She and louis have always been so close they have been together since birth and nothing nor no one can tear their bond apart. One summer when Nellie was with Louis and meeting his new friends she and Zayn share a kiss. They never spoke about the kiss, but they have kept in contact through the years. What will happen when they see each other again. Will Louis allow for this relashinship to continue? Or will someonee else fall for Nellie?


25. The Room

****NICOLES POV**** I dropped to the floor on next to Nellie bawling my eyes out. I looked around trying to find the person who did this. no one. " NELLIE! PLEASE NELLIE WAKE UP PLEASE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME KIND OF SIGN!" I got my phone out and called 911 to get an ambulance to save Nellie. I cant believe this just happened. Why why did this happen and to all people nellie she is such a good perosn and she had bad things happen to that she turned it into something good. My thoughts was interupted when Nellies phone started to ring, i slowly got her phone out of her bag, i did the best i could not to disturb her. oh no.. its Louis " hello?" i said weekly trying not to have tears be noticable. " oh nicole? did i call the wrong person?" louis asked confused " no no louis you called Nellie, but she cant answer" i said letting tears slip out " why cant she? louis asked a little worried " Louis you need to get to the park because.. Nellie.. got.. shot." the words barely got the chance to get out my mouth without crying. Louis didnt respond all i heard was the phone drop to the ground. I started crying again and people started to crowd around. i didnt like that people were around us i didnt like not one bit. I started to hear sirens going and i moved out of the way so the ambulence could get as close as possibale to Nellie. 4 men jumped out of the ambulance rolling a gerney. I got up and got my bag and Nellies i followed the people into the ambulance along with Nellie. " misss you cant go any father im sorry you can follow us to the hospital though" one of the paramedics said to me " no! i have to go!" i portested a little mad and sad " im sorry but we need to go and get her into the hospital and try to dave her life" the man said before jumping into the ambulance and driving off. i droped to my knees crying because how am i supposed to get to the hospital i have no car! a car swooped right beside me and i saw louis jump out of the car " where is she?!" louis said crying and screaming " the ambulance came and took her" i said getting up crying walking over to him " come one get in the car we have to hurry" louis said running into the car. i got in crying " louis i am so sorry " i said in between sobbs " stop. this is not your fault, but who did it?" louis asked with his eyes puffy from crying " i dont know... the shooter got away before i could get a glance of what he or she looked like" i said letting tears slip out. " nicole just did you call anyone else?" louis asked focusing on the road " no.. i was panicking and crying and i didnt know what else to do" i said calming down a litttle " call zayn now." louis said a little angry " okay ookay" i said giving louis a weird look " no. Nicole. you dont get it. Zayn do you know what he was doing? do you know what i did today? Zayn was going to propose to Nellie today Nellie picked out her ring thinking it was for Eleanour" louis said letting tears slip out. " oh my gosh.." i couldnt believe it.... i got my phone out and was ready to call zayn when louis took the phone and put it to his ear " what are you doing?" i asked annoyed " let me talk to zayn you cant just come out and say it with him let me handle him" louis said taking charge.

****LOUIS' POV**** I cant believe this is happening i cant my baby cousin.. shot.. when this is supposed to be the best day of ehr life well one fo the best days. Whats zayn gonna say whats Emmas going to do if she doesnt mak- no i cant think that way. " hey nik sorry i cant talk right now I need to set up the perfect date for me and Nellie before she gets home" zayn said sounding so happy, i couldnt say it i just held the phone to my ear spechless letting tears slip down my cheek " nik you okay?" zayn asked again " this isnt Nicole zayn its Louis" i said still letting the tears come down " oh hey louis whats up ? are you crying?" zayn asked confused " zayn... this isnt easy to say.. im still in shock.. i dont know how to tell you this" i said bawling now. good thing we just arived at the hospital. i mouthed to Nicole to be quite as we got out of the car " louis whats going on your scaring me" zayn said really worried " its nellie... " i said low " what happened to her?!" zayn said painking " she got.. shot" the words barely came out of my mouth " zayn get to the hospital as fast as you can" i said into the phone bawling. he didnt respond he just hung up and im gussing he ran out of the house. Nicole and I ran into the Emergency room asking for Nellie they lady at the front desk said that she was still in surgery and that it shouldnt be a while. We sat down in the waiting room not one word spoken. ****ZAYN'S POV**** I could not believe the words that i just heard. i had to keep replaying what louis said to me because i didnt believe it. I ran into the kitchen where haryy, liam,niall, and emma were " hey mate whats the matter?" liam asked smiling whhipping his hands on a dish cloth " nellie..." is all i was able to say because i couldnt say anything else. " what happened to nellie?" niall asked the three of them walking over to me " shes been.. shot" the words came out as a whisper " i have to go to the hospital" i said turning around grabbing my keys and heading out the door. i got into my car and raced down the street. i looked in the mirror and saw that liam, harry, and niall were in the car.. with emma. oh no emma shouldnt be coming i dont want her to see this happening to her mother, but right now i just need to get to Nellie.  i arrived at the hospital quickly and shortly after liam, harry, niall, and emma arrived. i went inot the emergency room and saw Louis and Nicole sitting in the waiting room. I ran over to louis and gave him a hug. well just sort of stood there letting the tears fall down. " Nellie King?" the docter in scrubs and a clip bored said " yes, we're her family" i said walking over to him " hi im docter Fragole (***** fragole means strawberries in italian thought it was funny***) nellie just got out of surgery and it went great, the bullet went into her left side by her ribs, it didnt go in too deep for it to cause any major damage to her organs, but it did tear a lot of tissue. she lost a lot of blood, but we were able to stop the bleeding she is going to be staying here for at least 4 days so her blood suplly can grow" the docter explained to us. i had a ton of weights lifted off my shoulders as well as for everyone else " may i please see her." i practiclly begged. " yes, but she i should warn you that shes unconcious at the moment" the docter said showing us to her room. I looked at the number.. same room number same room as shes been in for when she had Emma a little smile creeped on my face. Then i walked in and saw her.















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