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Nellie King is your normal 18 soon to be 19 normal young adult. Besides her mysterious scare that behind her left calf that only Louis knows about. Also her cousin Louis happens to be Louis Tomlinson one of the members of One Direction. She and louis have always been so close they have been together since birth and nothing nor no one can tear their bond apart. One summer when Nellie was with Louis and meeting his new friends she and Zayn share a kiss. They never spoke about the kiss, but they have kept in contact through the years. What will happen when they see each other again. Will Louis allow for this relashinship to continue? Or will someonee else fall for Nellie?


14. The Pub

***AUTHORS NOTE*** This chapter and future chapters are going to get pretty dirty so if you arent used to opr liek dirty writing i say dont read anymore****

Me and Eleanour were getting ready in my room. she was curling my long brown hair when an idea popped into my head. " hey El remember my friend Nicole?" i asked Eleanour " yea why?" she asked me " maybe she would come with us for harry i think they would get a long real good" i told her " yea sounds good but check with harry to make sure he doesnt have a date already" el told me : yea good call" i said walking down stairs in my booty shorts tank top and my hair all curled. " whoa babe" zayn said to me coming up and wrappy his arms around my waist and giving me a kiss. " hahaha zaynnnnn" i said trying to get his hands off of me even though i didnt want to. " Nellie! cover up!" louis said to me. gosh! he is always acting like my father! " Oh shutup lou!' i said to him rolling my eyes. i sat down next to harry who was sitting on the balcony outside. " heyy" i said to harry " why dont you look sexy love" harry said to me moving his eyes up and down. " i know i do" i said to harry giving him a wink. me and him can always talkl to dirty to each other with out feeling anything. " anyways do you have a date for tonight?" i asked him " no i was just gonna meet someone there why?" harry asked me " well would you want to bring my friend Nicole?" i asked him " do you have a pic?" he asked me which i figured he would so i already ahd a pic of her and me clubbing not to long ago. i took out my phone and showed him the pick " hell yea! ill take her!" harry said with hsi eyes getting big. " calm yo tits harry!" i told him laughing. " sorry but she is god damn hot!" harry said " let me text her and ill give you her number so you guys can talk" i told harry as i gave him her number an texted her his. looks like i did a good thing today. i left Harry alone so he can talk to Nicole in private. i went back to my room where El; finished doing her hair. i decided to wear a straples dark purple dress that stopped mid thigh. it was quite tight i do have to admit. the i grabbed my black pumps and put them on. El did my makeup which was a smoky eye with long eye lashes and a dark eye liner. i did el's makeup almost the same exact way except for the darkness. when we were already we went down stairs and Zayn just stood there staring at me with his mouth open. " hello love" i said givng zayn a kiss on the cheek. " damn Nellie you look amazing!" zayn said spinning me around. " you like?" i asked zayn smiling " i love!" he responded with a smile. " are we ready to go?" liam asked excited " no not yet my friend nicole is coming and she has my car that she is gonna drive over" i said to everyone " okay lets watch tv while we wait" niall said.

*** NICOLES POV*** When Nellie called me asking to be Harrys date i was so happy because i have always had a crush on him but i never got to really hung out with him. I remember last summer meeting him with Nellie and her cousin and few other guys at the beach. Then i went back to their house and spent the night but that was really all we didnt stay in contact as i wish we did. Me and Harry texed for a good hour then i he said he had to get ready which i had to do as well. I went into my walk in closet and choose a black lacy strapless dress that ended mid thigh and it was pretty tight. It made my bum look pretty good ;). I then got my red pumps and but them on and headed to go do my hair and make up. I curled my long blonde hair using my wound. once i was done i started to do my make up. I put on a bright red taylor swift kind of lipstick to match my red pumps. i put on mascara to make my eye lashes long. once i finished doing my touch ups i went down stairs grabbed my clutch that had my phone, keys,money, and condoms just in case ;). I drove Nellies car because she left it in my drive way when she louis and zayn were getting mobbed by fans. I got into her car and arived at the beach hosue. i walked up to the hosue and just before i knocked on the door i took a deep breathe to prepare my self for tonight.

***HARRYS POV*** I herd a knock at the door it must be Nicole. " I got it!" i said jumping up and jogging to the door. " Im sure you will Harry" nellie said to me giving me a wink meaning ' go and get her haz' I know her so well. i opened the door and there stood the most beautiful girl in the world, Nicole. " hello love" i said giving her a kiss on the cheek. " heyy" she said back to me. Damn why is she so cute? " Nicole! heyy!" Nellie said getting up from the couch and giving Nicole a hug. " hey nel" nicole said back. " let me introduce you to everyone" i said to her " thats Zayn nellies boyfriend, Niall , Liam, Louis who is Nellies cousin, and Eleanour who is dating Lou" i said to her pointing to everyone. " Lovely to meet you all" Nicole said giving everyone a hug. " Shall we go to the club now?" i asked everyone " YES!" Everyone said in unison. " shall we?" i asked nicole holding out my arm for her to hook her arm into mine. " we shall" she said giggling. We all pilled into the car with louis driving el in the passenger seat zayn, nellie and niall in the middle then me, nicole, and liam in the back. We arived at the club in 5 mintues we all got out of the car and headed to the bar. i plan on getting drunk with Nicole and i just pray that she drinks!

***NELLIES POV*** When we got to the club me and zayn went right to the bar to have a couple of shots. well we ended up have 10 shots each and about 3 beers each. " zayn! lets dance!" i said grabbing zayns hand and bringing him to the dance floor. we were dirty dancing when zayn whispers in my ear " I want you to rock me rock me rock me" i giggled knowing that was from the boys new album. I started grinding up against him while he was kissing my neck up to my lips and down my neck again. We kept on diry dancing and getting more drunk! i could see that Nicole and harry were hitting it off.  

***NICOLES POV*** Me and harry got really drunk and started to grind against each other on the dance floor. He was kissing all over my neck and chest. It just felt so right especially that we were drunk. That made it even more fun. We stopped dancing but were making out. we were in the corner of the the pub i had my legs wrapped around his waist as we were making out. i felt him take his hand and start to un zip my dress " Not here" i whispered into his ear. i got up took his hand and made our way to the front of the pub and got into the taxi with him. we countinued to kiss in the taxi until we got to my house. I payed the taxi driver which was hard to do because harry was kissing my neck. we got out of the taxi went up the stairs still kissing and walked into the house and made our way into my bedroom continuing to kiss. we were on my as he started to unzip my dress with his teeth. God Damn it! he was unzipping so sexy! i soon ripped off his shirt and trousers. he started to un do my white lacy bra and ripped off my panties. then i slid my hand into his boxers that soon were lying on my floor. He grabbed a condom from his pants and the next thing i knew it he was in me. it hurt at first but it soon felt undiscribable. We went all night and it was the best night of my life i never wanted it to end. i hope this isnt going to be a one night stand because i really like harry. I hope this turns into something.


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