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Nellie King is your normal 18 soon to be 19 normal young adult. Besides her mysterious scare that behind her left calf that only Louis knows about. Also her cousin Louis happens to be Louis Tomlinson one of the members of One Direction. She and louis have always been so close they have been together since birth and nothing nor no one can tear their bond apart. One summer when Nellie was with Louis and meeting his new friends she and Zayn share a kiss. They never spoke about the kiss, but they have kept in contact through the years. What will happen when they see each other again. Will Louis allow for this relashinship to continue? Or will someonee else fall for Nellie?


20. The Bad Dream

" Hey Emma what was your bad dream about?" I asked her " It was bad" she said putting her head down " sweetie you can tell mummy and daddy" i told her looking a zayn concerned I could see that he was concerned as well. " I dont know mummy" she said hugging her teddy bear. " darlin you have to tell mummy and I what your bad dream was about" zayn said looking into her eyes " okay well me and daddy were building a sand castle and mummy you were taking pictures then a scawy man came and took me, but no one came for me" Emma said with a tear escaping her eyes. " Emma you know that would never happen daddy and I we will always get you" i told her "  thats right baby girl dont you worry me and mummy will always protect you" zayn told her. " now come here and give mummy and daddy a hug" she got up and jumped into me and zayns arms. " awe well isnt that sweet" Niall said walking into the kitchen and opening up the fridge and got some left over pizza. " uncle niall!!' Emma screamed running up to him as he picked her up. " why isnt it passed your bedtime?" niall told her " mummy and daddy were telling me a story!" she told him with a smile on her face. " oh really? and what was is about?" he asked her " well mummy and daddy had a lot of fun and went to bed and the next morning they found out they were gonn ahve a baby which was me!" she told Niall " so they told you about how they had se-" " NIALL!" Me and Zayn said in unison to shut him up. " what? shes gonna find out about it sooner or later" " yea and i choose later!" zayn told him " uncle niall can you sing me a nino song?" (nino is something my family says its a night night song basically) " sure darlin ill meet you upstairs" Niall said putting Emma down and she ran up the stairs into her room. " shes adorable" Niall said taking a bite out of his pizza. " so why are you here?" zayn asked niall i could tell he wanted to get back to what we were doing before Emma came down. " managment called they said we need to do some more phot shoots and that Nellies modeling agency is gonna be doing it and wants nellie there to they are having all the girlfriends there and they said to bring Emma to" Niall told us " oh lord and when is this?" i asked nervously " not in another 2 weeks but its in America because a couple days after we are doing a few concerts in America" niall told us " This is gonna be our first family trip to America!' I told Zayn excitdly " we are gonna have to get Emma a passport" I told Zayn " yea i will take her tomorrow" zayn said " well if there is nothing else you need to tell us you can leave now"  Zayn said pushing Niall out of the house " I told Emma that I would put her to sleep and well its pretty late to be driving home" niall said making his way back into the house. " fine you can stay the night but you have to keep Emma out of me and Nellies bedroom" Zayn said grabbing my waist pulling me in closer to him. " ew didnt need to know that" Niall said grossed out. " thank you food buddy" i told him giving him a kiss on the cheek. " hey try not to be too loud." Niall said " yea yea yea" I said to Niall while running up the stairs with Zayn. We both got on to the bed and well im sure you can guess what happened from there.

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